Wedding Filmmaking – Sweet Memories Cherished in the Best Way Possible

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wedding filmmakingCongratulations, you decided your wedding date! But you have now become busy in deciding various other details, right? What have you decided about shooting your big day? Is it just the usual videography? I would like to suggest you to get your wedding shot in a cinematic style! Didn’t you know that it’s possible? Well, then let me take the honor to give you the good news that there are artists specialized in wedding filmmaking, called wedding filmmakers or wedding cinematographers. Even I know a fantastic one named Oak City Films. I am eager to tell you about them and overall cinematic wedding videography.

What is So Special about Wedding Filmmaking?

Indeed, wedding filmmaking is a lot different from the usual wedding videography. You might have seen videos of many weddings wherein the videographers just go on shooting the wedding moments one-by-one. But in a wedding film, a story of the wedding is told a lot more creatively than this. As you see the film, a story goes on unrolling before you and you get engaged in the story just as you do while watching a feature film. There is a mix of images, music, speeches and short clips in this film, which make up the story, which makes your wedding worth watching for years to come.

If you want to see how it is done, watch the wedding films created by the above-mentioned, very talented wedding cinematographers, Oak City Films. I am giving just one of them here; you can watch many more on their website

Oak City Films is a venture of a husband-and-wife team, Nathan and Ashley, who are dedicated to producing enchanting, emotional and stunning wedding films that their clients and their loved ones should feel like watching again and again, for years to come!

Nathan and AshleyNathan has a massive ten year experience in the creative industry, where he primarily worked for designing video games and promotional campaigns for big names in the industry, like MTV Networks, Viacom, Sony Pictures, Toshiba, Dreamworks and many more. During this period, he also got a chance to work with other great talented personalities like Mark Hudis, the maker of True Blood and That 70s Show. Nathan is multitalented and has also written some books as well as developed many software tools, but his real passion is wedding filmmaking in which he superbly portrays stories of love and life.

Ashley, Nathan’s wife, is the second shooter/audio tech and the first line organization and communication, and has an experience in ballet dressing which is her strong point when it comes to helping bride to dress up on the big day. With her around, the bride need not worry about wardrobe problems.

Together Nathan and Ashley create a wedding film which has got a lot of creativity involved in it. They present the story in such a way that you feel that you are watching a movie containing an exciting beginning, a climax and a lastly a great resolution, dedication and commitment.

So, for your wedding you better choose a wedding cinematographer like Oak City Films so as to get your sweet memories cherished in the best way possible.