Wedding Gifts Adorned with Loving Words for Your Near and Dear Ones

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for all near and dear ones






Are you wondering what to gift to your sweetheart on the occasion of your big day? Or you thought a lot, but couldn’t think of a gift that will express your feelings perfectly towards your parents? How about a personalized message on a beautiful, delicate handkerchief? Yes! Monogramming Owl has brought a range of extremely pleasant handkerchiefs which are just the perfect gifts for those who you love the most and who are the most significant in your life. Take a look!

This is a beautiful handkerchief with a message, full of love, for your sweetheart! You can express your feelings in any words on this lovely lacey hankie, which your better half would love to keep near heart! Present it in an equally gorgeous envelope with a golden heart!

for sweetheart

Your heart is filled with love for your mom, dad and friends too! Here are gifts in the form of lovely hankies for all your near and dear ones, with your golden heart on the envelope, offering the most loving touch to every gift. Express your feelings, and share memories, laughs and cries, with each of your close friends unique to them and you. They will certainly appreciate your love and thoughtfulness.

for all near and dear ones

And look at these stunning silk hankies, bordered by laces – exclusively for your Mom! Mother is a wonderful creation of nature. She has nurtured you, and brought you up to make you a beautiful, strong and very special person whom she is proud of. Wipe her tears with your soothing words on these soft silky hankies in beautiful envelopes with dazzling hearts in a variety of charming colors on them.

for mom  for mom

for mom

And there are many more! You can customize them to add a special touch to each of these handkerchiefs and your near and dear ones will definitely feel special with these loving and lovely gifts. Celebrate a great wedding day by making all your dear people happy and pleased with the decorative handkerchiefs by Monogramming Owl!