Wedding Invitations – Information and Etiquette

Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Wedding invitations are your guest’s first peek at your wedding theme and style. They get the information about the wedding date, time and location, but also about the formality of the event. So, when choosing the wedding invitation wording and style, think about the message it will send! Are you throwing a modern glam party or is it going to be more classic and elegant? Make sure your guests get the right idea.

When choosing the words, learn the basic rules to wedding invitation wording. In general, the hosts are listed first on the invitation. Classic invitations commonly contain a request line after the hosts’ names are listed. In general, everything should be spelled out, including place and time of the ceremony. However, try not to crowd the invitation and list only important information. If you squeeze too much onto the wedding invitation card, it would only make it less elegant and harder to read. More information, such as directions to the venue or post-wedding activities can be put on your wedding website or printed on a separate enclosure card. RSVP information can be included, in fact it is recommended to be listed. Proper etiquette is different for the formal and the informal event. In the first case, invitations should be printed on a heavyweight ivory, white or cream paper, letter style should be classic. When it comes to wording, it should be traditional and formal. Formal wedding invitations are commonly engraved and written in the third person style. On the other hand, for more informal event, you are free to customize wedding invitations with not so formal style and language. It is alright to use some unique and fun ink colors and fonts, but it is even alright to invite your guests by phone, via email or word of mouth.