Wedding Photos – Avoid Common Mistakes

Posted by on Nov 10, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Wedding cake will be eaten, but long after that happens, your wedding video and photos will be very important because they will remind you of those beautiful moments of your big day. So, photography and videography are quite significant part of the wedding. Finding the wedding photographer who will do this job right is therefore very important. Still, there are some mistakes you should try to avoid.

While planning the wedding day schedule, you should talk to your wedding photographer. Why? It is important to take some shoots on natural light. Yes, some periods of the day are better for taking some shots than other, therefore you should take that into account before finalizing the big day program and schedule. Once you have finalized your schedule, stick to it! Being half an hour earlier or late can either break or make your photos.

Not talking to your photographer how you prefer to look in your photos. Even though photographers give their best to take the best shots and to make their subjects look their best, beauty is so subjective. So, send your fave photos to photographer to explain how you personally like to look in photos. Then just relax and try to act naturally. You are hopelessly in love with your spouse-to-be and those pictures will show that only if you let yourself enjoy these incredible moments. If your photographers give you directions, listen to them, they are given for good reasons.

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