What Questions should you Ask A Wedding DJ?

Posted by on Jun 30, 2013 in Wedding tips |

wedding DJIf your wedding is around the corner and amongst its other preparations if you are planning to celebrate the big day with one of the most huge party events unlimited wedding DJ is perhaps the most appropriate choice. And if you decide to hire a wedding DJ you should have some questions in your mind to ask so that you can get the most perfect person to entertain you and your guests. Here are some questions which you should ask your potential wedding DJ.

Can we meet personally?

It is a common practice of some wedding DJs that they talk with their prospective clients on phone or through emailing instead of meeting in person. This may have two reasons – either they don’t consider their clients worth their time or they have something not to show. Many times it happens that a person is quite different in person than s/he appears on phone or in email. Therefore, it is important for you that you should meet the wedding DJ in person and confirm that s/he is the right person for your wedding.

Will you be the wedding DJ on our big day?

Often it happens that the person whom you speak to, assuming him or her as a DJ, is not the one. Particularly it happens with agencies. Therefore you should confirm first that you are interviewing the wedding DJ personally and not some other person representing him or her. This is also important from the point of view that you can check whether you are comfortable with that person and s/he is apt for the job. Another important thing is to know the DJ’s name which will be on the working contract.

Will you make a written contract with us?

A written contract with the wedding DJ is very important because it shows how professional and committed the person is. It also specifies what s/he requires on the wedding day for the performance so as to make easy for you to make the necessary preparations. Other points like payment, hours of work, etc too are defined well when it is written in the contract, so that you don’t have to undergo any problems instead of amusement.

Can you be different and unique for us?

This question is important for checking the professionalism and passion about work of the DJ. If s/he is really professional and passionate about work, s/he will take pride in describing to you in detail what s/he can do to amuse you and your guests. On the other hand an unprofessional person will only tell how his or her competitors are not worth hiring, rather than highlighting his or her own uniqueness. And merely by hearing what s/he says about the work you can judge how perfect or outstanding s/he would do the job.

Questions about music requests

You should thoroughly inquire about the music the DJ will present on your wedding, because that’s what you are inviting him or her for on priority. You should ask whether you can give your music requests, guests’ music requests, when to submit them, whether you can give ‘don’t play’ list and so on. The most professional DJs tell you clearly how they are going to entertain you on your big day, by submitting the playlist and other events. And also they welcome your and your guests’ requests, as well as ‘don’t play’ lists. Their professionalism lies in accepting the clients’ preferences and combining them well with their own.

So, if you ask these questions before hiring a wedding DJ you have higher chances of getting a perfectly professional and entertaining DJ.