What to Expect from a Wedding Photographer – Advice from a Professional

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shades of love weddings 3It’s a fact that a wedding is a beauty contest for brides! Everyone’s eyes should be on them; they should look the most beautiful, the most charming; their bridal dress and accessories should be the most attractive, and finally they should be the winner of everyone’s appreciation! Obviously a photographer plays a major role in this beauty contest as the memories will be cherished forever, mainly of how beautiful the bride looked. What the bride expects from her wedding photographer is nothing wrong, but you should ensure whether your expectations would be really met with by the professional. Bart, a leading wedding photographer at ShadesOfLoveWeddings.co.uk shares with us some tips as to what to expect from your wedding photographer.

Professionalism and Friendliness

While hiring your wedding photographer, what you can expect from her/him at the least is professionalism. Arriving on time or even earlier for location scouting, understanding your needs, talking politely and dressed properly are the minimum requirements. Of course, her/his work should be outstanding but that you can judge from her/his portfolio, while punctuality, politeness, sympathy and decency shows when you meet her/him.

Another quality to look for is friendliness because while capturing photographs around your guests, s/he should make them comfortable so as to capture candid photos. Bart himself is very keen on this point and makes sure that he develops good relations with the newlyweds and guests at a wedding so as to capture photos that anyone would wish to treasure.

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Positive Response to Your Photo Requests

Rather than directing you for poses, the photographer should be unobtrusive and capture various moments of your big day in her/his camera. Of course, s/he can make suggestions and you can accept them if you like them. For example, if s/he refuses to capture your photos outside the venue, because the light conditions are not good that time, you should respect her/his decision. As an experienced photographer s/he knows better in which light conditions, the photos would be excellent. Remember that the photographer is there at your wedding to capture photos and so, s/he would listen to all your requests provided the conditions are good. So, you can expect her/him to capture all the photos you want. Bart makes it a point to give all the shots his clients want and make them feel relaxed and enjoy the day.

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Giving a Priority to Yours and Your Partner’s Requirements

Almost every wedding consists of an Uncle John or Aunt Mary who wants to take over everything including the photographer and photos. Your photographer should be strict enough to ignore such pesky relatives and giving priority to your wants. Of course, you should keep this expectation only if you have such relatives! But in essence, the photographer should be able to get you what you want rather than getting carried away with the orders of a particular person.

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Capturing Shades of Love!

Your wedding is a romantic story with various shades of love and it should be captured in the camera in the same way. Bart, a talented wedding photographer in Oxfordshire, is keen about telling the story of your big day rather than dropping in the story every now and then, and ordering you to pose. Wedding photos should be captured maintaining a delicacy, showing love and romance, as well as laughs, giggles, emotions, dances, beauty and happiness!

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You can watch some of the fantastic work of Bart in this article and much more on his website Shades Of Love Weddings; hire such a photographer and you can have wedding photos that you would love to cherish.