Why To Hire A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day

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wedding makeupMy cousin was showing me the photo of her niece’s wedding and was criticizing the bride and her mother. The main topic of the criticism was the makeup of both the ladies. According to my cousin, they had got the makeup done by a friend who was obviously an amateur non-paid makeup artist. And indeed the photos of both of them were looking horrible especially because of a white mask of foundation. I really wonder why people want to save a little on wedding makeup when their photos are going to remain with them for the rest of life.

You choose the best of wedding gowns, the best of wedding menus, the best decoration – in short the best of everything – except a very important aspect of your personality – the wedding makeup! Many brides give a little importance to wedding makeup and prefer to get it done by a friend who loves to do makeup and wants to test her skills. Sometimes someone among the bride’s friends or cousins or other relatives insists her to get the makeup done by her and the bride lovingly says, “Yes”! If you are a bride-to-be and are being insisted by such a friend or relative, say “No” firmly. After all, this is a lifetime event for you and there is no time to experiment or trial-and-error.

See the benefits of hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding:

  • A makeup artist makes use of high quality products meant to last throughout the day and maintain your makeup through kisses, pats, tears and several such emotions.
  • Being experienced and professional, a makeup artist knows tricks and techniques to highlight the best of your features, like your eyes, or cheekbones, or lips, and will focus on them to offer you the best look for the most important day of your life.
  • The makeup artist applies the makeup so as to look good in both indoor as well as outdoor lighting. Also if you have planned some black and white photos, the makeup artist will do the makeup to look perfect in those photos too.  
  • Once you handle the task of your wedding makeup to a professional, it’s time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the pampering, which is not the case with an experimenting friend, where you will have the stress of whether she will do the job neatly or not.
  • Hiring a mobile makeup artist has one more advantage. The artist comes where you want her to and does her job. So, there is no stress of driving back and forth, rushing around and all the wedding morning chaos. Just relax wherever you want to, at your home or at the wedding venue, and get ready.
  • Let’s face it, you are under stress on your big day and so, it is the not the day good for testing your fake eyelashes, or liquid eyeliner. Leave it to a professional and you can relax.

Whenever I attend a wedding where a professional makeup artist is hired, I see the bride and her groom and guests pleased with her looks and appearance. I have never heard a word of regret for hiring a makeup artist. Have you? That just shows the importance of getting the job done by a professional.

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