Why You Should Have Wedding Video As Well As Wedding Photos

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

elegance wedding filmsAlong with still photos, wedding videography is getting more and more popular. There are some distinct benefits of wedding films, that too over still photos, though still wedding photos are equally important despite the typical posing you have to give that may be sometimes irritating and tiring. After discussing with the professional photographers and videographers at EleganceFilms.com, I realized how beneficial wedding videography as well as still photography is. Here are some prominent benefits of wedding videos and photos too.

Action and Voice are Important, But Still Photos have the Required Poise

Actually it’s a no-brainer to understand why both wedding photography and videography are important. But if you are planning to save on one of them, you won’t see some of the prominent advantages they offer, and you may regret later on why you excluded one of them.

Still photos are quiet and wedding videos include all the movement and voice that allow you to live those magical moments again and again. However, there is something special about watching your wedding photos while relaxed on your couch, sipping tea. You can watch at a photo for hours, while a wedding video asks you to pause, rewind and forward the film, making you quite restless.

But for enjoying all the action, there is no alternative to a wedding video. Not to mention, your wedding vows, speeches, laughs, gigs, funny comments and all your favorite voices!

What is special about the Elegance Wedding Films is they send you a wedding trailer 1 week before the actual delivery of your wedding video. What is a wedding trailer? It is a collection of some very special and candid moments of your big day to give you an idea of how excellent your wedding video has become! This trailer will surely make you eager to watch your wedding film.

Can be Watched with Family and Friends

A wedding video can be watched with a whole lot of family and friends together, unlike a small album which only 2-3 people can watch at a time. It’s a fun idea to gather in a laid back afternoon for some snacking and drinking, and watch your wedding video, and have fun with comments, laughs, chats and an overall quality time spent with the people.

And if the film has been shot by someone like the Elegance Films videographers, you and your family will reach a very high experience level. These people not only shoot your wedding, but produce a creative wedding film, which actually seems like a music video clip! This is something really special to capture your special day.

So, if you are planning to skimp over wedding photography or wedding videography, don’t! Both these elements of your wedding are going to last forever, while all others will perish soon.