Your Wedding Photos – Some Important Subjects That Should Be Incorporated

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incorporating Nature - garden 2No doubt, wedding photos are the most important element of a wedding, because everything else wilts but not them! While a list of shots is quintessential, there are many more photo ideas which can take your wedding photo album to the next level. Let’s see just some of them.

Incorporating Nature

It can be a jungle or a beach or a desert or even a manmade garden, Nature looks great everywhere and anywhere. And even a single jungle has so many manifestations – with snow-clad trees in winter, leafless trees in fall or leafy or flowery trees in spring. The incorporation of Nature in wedding photos work best for TTD photos, like here in these photos taken by Kellianne Chandler!

incorporating Nature 1

incorporating Nature - desert

incorporating Nature - garden

Incorporating Monuments

Nature is great, no doubt about it! But even man is great, though not as much as Nature! Incorporating creations of man in your wedding photos makes them unforgettable. Buildings, bridges, statues, towers, forts, castles, walls, and what not – there are so many backdrops that will delight you while looking at yourselves against them!

manmade creations

manmade creations - church

manmade creations - fort

manmade creations bridge

manmade creations stairs

Incorporating Children

Children can be great fun subjects in wedding photos. Whether they are captured with or without the wedding couple, they add spice to the wedding album. Dressed in stylish attire, playing, laughing or crying, or doing any weird thing – they look adorable. In a way, they even exemplify your future! So, children should and should be included in your wedding photos.

boy between the couple

children - group photo

children with bride's parents

Black-n-white Photos

If you are a real art-lover, you will love black-n-white photos more than the colored ones. B&W photos create an antique charm in the photos. And they also do more justice with your white bridal gown and your groom’s black tuxedo! So, though you have a lot of colored photos, some B&W photos are a must in your wedding photo collection.

black-n-white photo - getting ready

black-n-white photo - groomsmen

2 children


The belongings of bride or groom are special and should get the honor to be the subjects of wedding photographs. Though their photos are taken commonly, taking them artistically is the most important and difficult part. Take a look at these superb photos.

belongings - rings

belongings - shoes

belongings - bouquet

belongings - flutes

Kellianne Chandler is an international wedding, portrait and fashion photographer Manchester. Kellianne has a photography studio in central Manchester and has been ranked amongst 10 of the best fashion photographers in the Northwest. She works all over the world with a creative flair and a personal touch. Here are only a few photos taken by Kellianne which are enough to tell about the outstanding work of the photographer.