Romantic Wedding in Italy

Posted by on Dec 24, 2011 in Beautiful Wedding Venues in the World, Managing Wedding |

Italy is especially romantic country. With its amazing landscapes, unequaled cities, astonishing art, food and wine, it is not surprising why many loving couples choose to have a very romantic destination wedding in Italy. It is a little tricky to plan the wedding from abroad, but with the services of a wedding planner it is quite easy. Historic churches, romantic villas, beautiful castles are everywhere in Italy so this might be a small problem. How to choose the perfect wedding venue amongst all these wonderful places?

Located within Tuscany, the seat of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is one of the most popular destination wedding cities in Italy. It has breathtaking architecture and romantic piazzas, important art pieces, for example Michaelangelo’s David.  Above all it this city welcomes foreigners and allow them to have religious wedding ceremonies more easy than in some other parts of Italy. It is important to find wedding photographer in Florence to capture the soul of this city and to mark down special and important moments of marriage celebration.

The good thing about Italy as the wedding destination is that there is no residency requirement to get married in this country. Foreigners are therefore allow to say their “I Do” and to enjoy honeymoon without some bureaucratic delays. In fact, with a good wedding planner, the couples and their guest have to spend only two days in Italy. Personal coordinators usually speak both English and Italian and they help couples managing and planning every single detail of their wedding day. The most of the paperwork is commonly prepared from abroad and filed before the couple and their guests arrive. The most important fact is that all around the world, there is a legal recognition of civil marriages performed in Italy. All that the couple must do is to register this marriage in their home country.