How to Plan a Destination Wedding during a Pandemic

Posted by on Mar 11, 2021 in Managing Wedding |

Planning a destination wedding is always a huge task and there are so many things to consider and organize. If it should take place in the midst of a pandemic, everything regarding your big day becomes even more complicated. There is, nevertheless, no reason to ditch all your dreams. We have gathered some tips that will surely help you make most of your destination wedding. Yes, despite the coronavirus crisis your wedding can happen!

Flexibility is the Key

The coronavirus crisis has showed us that we must be more flexible than ever. We have almost accepted “new normal”, because for more than a year now we have been forced to change, adjust or postpone our plans, whether private or business ones. So, it goes without saying that the keyword in wedding planning during a pandemic is “flexibility”. What’s more, thinking out of the box is nowadays most welcome.

Instead of only one possible destination, we suggest making a list of top destination wedding locations you would take into account. Then, think about this pandemic and how it has affected these destinations so far. Which one seems to be the least complicated? Go for it! In case you must (or want to) stick to certain date, consider booking flights to two different destinations. Of course, if you can cancel them at reasonable price or even for free.

The Smaller the Better

Keep the guest number as small as possible. Well, this tip is universal for any pandemic-event, but also for destination weddings. Of course, you don’t have to narrow it down, in a way that it becomes an elopement, but forget about 100 invitees.

Understand Cancellation and Change Policies

Talking about cancellation policy, during a pandemic you should really read the fine print too. Make sure you understand what, when and at what cost something can be cancelled or postponed.

Consider a Planner

Having a wedding planner or organizer is highly recommended during the pandemic, especially for destination weddings. Although we admire brides and grooms willing to organize everything on their own, it is currently really risky, with so many unknown parameters.