Wedding Centerpieces Inspired by the Season

Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Wedding seasons |

Centerpieces are important part of your wedding flower decoration and the reception tables are nothing without their centerpieces. If your wedding reception place is large, wedding centerpiece will add drama. In smaller places, they add personal touch and set the scale. Therefore, it is important to choose the wedding centerpieces carefully. The final decision has to be yours, but we will try to give you some nice ideas according to the wedding season.

Autumn is a harvesting season, so many ideas come from the outdoors. Pastoral decor, sunny colors, Halloween, rich foliage can be quite inspiring. Rustic elegance is the perfect choice for autumn wedding centerpieces. Crisp leaves rimming centerpieces, bunches of cranberries and rustic table linens. Red, burnt orange and yellow are the colors of the seasons, so you can choose roses, dahlias and gardenias in these colors. Lady’s mantle and sunflowers are also very nice choice.

Winter wedding decorations should be inviting and warm, whether you prefer gold-accented china or dozens of glowing candles. Tall wedding centerpieces, elegant and regal candelabras and rich red flowers (calla lilies, dripping amaranth, roses and hydrangea). If you prefer something less traditional, string some baubles around the regal candelabras.

Spring is the blooming season. Butterflies, flowers, beautiful gardens everywhere you look, as well as cheerful people on the streets. You have to be fun and flirty when everything around you is so alive and green. So, forget traditional flower arrangements, forget the roses and go for something that will look more spontaneous, as if you have just picked it from the garden. What about filling wooden baskets with playful and loose blooms in pink, green, yellow or lavender color? Or some nice and fresh combination, such as bunches of green viburnum with dark pink calla lilies?

Summer sounds like ocean, seaside and tropical islands! So, add some tropical touch to your wedding! Breakaway wedding centerpieces such as smaller elements grouped in a way to look like one entity: melon-orange orchids in one container, and two glass vases, one with lime green orchids and another with fuchsia orchids.