A step by step guide to a fairy tale wedding

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wedding venueThe wedding date is getting nearer but you haven’t devised a clear plan yet? The most frequentlygiven explanation is that brides generally feel torn apart between two fronts: the strictly bridal wedding paraphernalia and the pandemonium of the remaining aspects. We have decided to make a balanced prescription and focus on three aspect for each side. Stay with us to hear about the dress, shoes and accessories tips, but also some more about the venue, music selection and photography.

1. Get the dress

It’s a fact that if you want the dress to fit perfectly, it just has to go along with your body type. For example, if you have a curvy, hourglass shape, the overly decorated gowns with lack of proper structure should be avoided. The extra decorative knacks will interfere with the composition while baggy fit would make you look chubby. Corselets are a nice way to accentuate the tiny waist and it looks magnificent as well.

wedding dress

White is definitely not the only colour, so if you’re a fashionista, the pale mint and powder rose shades are making their way into wedding fashion. Lastly, you should also think about the length of the dress. Shorter models are a daring choice and it could also work nicely for hot climate event.

2. Match the shoes

When shoes are in question, you should firstly decide whether you’d like to wear flats or killer stilettos. For instance, if you absolutely love to wear high heels and you already got your eye on a certain model, there’s a compromising solution. The market now offers anatomic bridal pumps, and if your feet get tired in these as well, the trusty dollies can wait in the purse to tide you over for the rest of the day.

brides shoes

3. Coordinate the accessories

Finally, there’s an opportunity to wear the glorious gloves without being accused it’s too much. The long, satin type can be paired up with sleeveless dresses, while smaller, lacy kind go well with vintage style.

Head pieces are going strong in the last few years, and if you’re not a fan of the veil, gentle, leafy one-side structure can add a refined touch. Also, you can employ day and night appropriate accessories for an effective transformation.

4. Find a venue

Venue can be quite an obstacle if you don’t handle it in a timely and efficient manner. Here’s some points to tick of the list for satisfactory results:

  • Availability and booking in advance
  • Season and weather forecast
  • Size and design
  • Destination or local
  • Date and cheaper deals

wedding venue

5. Party tunes

It’s not a party unless the first notes fill up the hall, and there are a few directions you can go with this one. Smaller events could benefit from a less aggressive setting, such as guitar and a singer combo or just a piano player. Larger parties demand a more far-reaching installation, such as DJ or live band that plays a variety of music genres for all tastes.

6. Capture it all

If you don’t have it on tape, it didn’t happen, right? Even though some people say we should live in the moment and not concentrate on taking photos, the truth is that we forget most of it eventually. Since some events are worth remembering, investing in wedding videography is an ideal way to capture the best moments in a convenient and easily accessible form for future use.

Take a deep breath and commence. Exploit these tips and take care of the major aspects of your wedding in six easy steps.