Choosing Entertainment for a Small, Intimate Wedding

Posted by on Aug 23, 2015 in Wedding tips |

wedding entertainment small weddingNo one wants their guests to be bored to tears on their big day and that’s why everyone knows how important it is to choose the right wedding entertainment. If you’ve opted for a small, intimate wedding and yet you would like your guests to have fun, I would like to share some ideas with you.

First of all, it’s crucial to book the right type of entertainment for your chosen venue. Even if you book the best acoustic wedding band London can offer, you cannot put them in the middle of a field and expect them to sound powerful.

Forget about throwing a disco party! It requires a critical mass of people and a lot of space. WIth less than 50 like-minded people, you won’t create the right mood. What about creating a 1930’s style atmosphere in a small old-fashioned nightclub with black-tie clad musicians playing some popular tunes instead? Put tables alongside small dance floor and let your guests dance cheek to cheek or chat.

Want a sophisticated atmosphere? Hire a string quartet! It might be a cliche, but this kind of entertainment is really a good idea for small number of people who might not know one another. Since the musicians would take up very little room, a string quartet is highly recommended for an intimate dinner or lunch in a private room in an exclusive restaurant.

fortune tellers for weddingsMusic is not the only way to entertain your guests, although it’s necessary even for really small weddings with less than 20 people. But, think outside the box. For example, what about hiring a caricaturist? Instead of a wedding favor, your guests could take home a funny portrait. Nevertheless, opt for a good artist, not the cheapest one. Or add a mystic touch by hiring a fortune teller! Your guests will love listening to predictions read from their palms, tarot cards or a crystal ball, even if they don’t believe a single word of it. However, don’t forget to mention to your clairvoyant that your guests should receive only positive feedback.