Got Engaged? Here’s a To-do List!

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wedding planningHave you just got engaged? If so, now you need to start planning. Read on to find out more.

Getting Started

First, you will want to announce your engagement. The best thing to do is to contact both sides of the family and let them know. Once you do this, you can start planning out your wedding, which starts by discussing your dreams with your fiancé. This means you’ll want to talk about what kind of wedding you guys should have and you’ll want to have an idea of what time of the year the wedding will take place. Make sure you take down notes because they will make the whole planning process much easier.

Choosing A Venue

Many couples choose a venue that is located halfway between their homes and their guests’ homes, as this is convenient. However, you can choose to do a destination wedding. If you decide on a destination wedding, then make sure everyone you want there can afford to go.

As for the actual wedding venue, you want to go back to your dreams. Do you envision getting married where there is a garden? However, what happens if you can’t find a place with a garden due to weather issues? Maybe you’ll want to consider looking at wedding directories Melbourne and having a look at the wedding venue directory Melbourne they have listed. For example, you may find that there is a nice quaint hotel that will be ideal, and it may come equipped with a courtyard. Maybe you can rent a historic mansion in the area. Also, have a look at bridal magazines because you’ll get some great ideas from them.

Hiring Vendors

You want to hire the right vendors, which includes photographers and videographers. You’ll want to book one as soon as possible because the best ones are all booked up weeks and sometimes months in advance. Take a look at the works of at least 3-6 photographers to get an idea of which one will suit your individual style.

Hiring a musician is always a smart move because they will provide guests with plenty of entertainment. You want to make sure that the playlist you give to the musician is what they will stick to. Asides from that, find out how much they charge and how many breaks will they be taking in between sets. Sometimes it’s cheaper to hire a DJ than a live band, but this isn’t always the case.

Flowers And Décor

When you have decided on where the reception will take place, you’ll want to choose arrangements for the tables and you’ll want to choose other decorations. You can buy flowers at a local farm or you can buy flowers from the local florist. After you’ve purchased flowers, you can get creative and make centerpieces for the tables.

You’ll also need to figure out how many meals will be served and then you’ll want to hire a capable caterer. You can save money by bargaining with a caterer, so don’t be afraid to talk them down in price.

Choosing Bridesmaids And Purchasing A Gown

Before deciding on who will be your bridesmaids, you want to tell each prospective one what they will have to do if they become a bridesmaid. You want them to know how much time they will have to commit and if they cannot devote the time, then don’t choose them or tell them it’s ok to decline the offer.

Feel free to choose as many bridesmaids as you want, or as few. Also, make sure the maid of honor position goes to your best friend or a close relative.

When it comes to buying a gown, you may need some help. Remember, you are probably on a budget and buying an expensive gown is one of the easiest ways to go right over your budget. This is why you need to keep your emotions in check when you go shopping for a gown. Bring a level-headed friend or family member when you go shopping for a bridal dress.

Figure out what kind of shopper you are because this will make the process much easier. You may be the type of shopper who loves hunting for the perfect dress, or you might be the type who needs help, so you would be better off going somewhere that employs salespeople. Some people are more than happy buying a dress from a secondhand shop.

Also, when it comes to shopping for a dress, don’t second-guess yourself. If you compare a few dresses and you feel really drawn to one particular dress, then get it. Just make sure it suits your budget because as mentioned earlier, if you spend hundreds more than you originally planned to spend, you may go over budget in other areas of the wedding planning process.

choosing wedding dresses

Create A Self-Care Plan

Leading up to your big day, you want to eat healthy and exercise. All you need to do is walk a few times per week and make sure you take a daily multivitamin because this can help you get the nutrients your body needs. If you want to do your mind some good, then do Yoga a few times per week and eat healthy snacks as the day goes on. These snacks can be banana, almonds and things of that nature.

You’ll also need plenty of sleep. It’s easy to get caught up in the planning process leading up to the wedding, but you will not feel great if you don’t get enough sleep. Plus, lack of sleep can lower your immune system.

Your hair too should be given special attention. Be clear to your regular stylists about what exactly you want, and don’t book too far in advance to get your hair done for the wedding. Ideally, you want to get your hair done 2-3 weeks before the wedding takes place.

There are many other things you’ll want to do after you have gotten engaged, but those are some of the most important tasks you’ll want to take care of first.