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exit with sparklersCongratulations on getting engaged! Now, you must be dreaming about the big day celebrations! Have you planned the wedding fully? I mean, along with other things, have you thought of something about how would you take exit with your sweetheart? I suggest you to take a “sparkling exit”! But, of course, why only exit, you can have sparklers throughout your wedding to have a “sparkling wedding” too, with so many of them, like the classic grey sparklers, colorful sparklers, wedding cake sparklers, and many more. I would like to tell you more about them and hope that you will be amazed with the ideas.

Classic Grey Sparklers

Everyone enjoys the classic grey-colored sparklers that create a fountain of gold sparks. They are also a little cheaper than the more modern colorful sparklers. And they look brighter too because of the golden color of their sparks. Mostly they are smokeless, perfect for your gorgeous wedding and/or exit.

Wedding Cake Sparklers

Have the most celebrative cake-cutting ceremony with sparklers spraying bright stars from around your cake – a sight you and your guests will remember forever and would love to see again and again in your wedding photos and video. Remember that the wedding cake sparklers are different from the regular wedding sparklers. They are safe to use on food. You can buy 4 to 5 of them if you want to use them only for the wedding cake during the cake-cutting ceremony or you can also buy 1 for each guest with every piece of cake.

wedding cake sparklers

Morning Glory Sparklers

The colorful sparklers wrapped in colorful papers known as Morning Glory sparklers give out fountains of colorful sparks and finally turn into a small flame, like that of a torch. So, it’s better that your guests stand a little away from you, so that you and your partner don’t catch the sparks in your dresses or hair. They are smoky too, so can create a dreamy effect. But you better not hand them to children, as the sparks and the last flame eject with quite a force and can burn someone.

Length and Burning Time

Then there are variations in their length and, therefore, in burning time.

10” Classic Sparklers: These burn for around 37 to 45 seconds. If you prefer them, buy 3-4 per guest, because they burn for a short time due to their short length, and by the time, the full line has one lit, and the couple is ready to run through, the guests at the end are ready to light a second sparkler. Actually, they are more recommended for a smallish wedding.

20” Classic Sparklers: Their burning time is one and a half to two minutes and you can buy two per guest. However, as they burn a bit longer, there will be fewer sparklers going out before you and your groom reach your getaway car! But this is the best variety because they are long and burn for enough time, but not very long to poke the bride’s eye.

36” Classic Sparklers: They burn for 4 minutes. You will need to buy only one per guest and if you buy two per guest, they will offer enough light just right for photography.

Burning Time of Morning Glory Sparklers

Small: Small Morning Glory sparklers burn for around 1 and a half minute. These sparklers are 20” long from tip to tip, but the length of the flammable material is only 8.5”. Since they eject quite forcefully, be careful with them.

Large: They burn for around 2 minutes and though their length is 36” from tip to tip, the length of burning material is only 13.5”. These are best-looking sparklers when burnt outside, with their colorful paper wrapping. However, in close chambers, they could be dangerous.

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