Arizona Wedding Dream – Tips and Ideas

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getting married in arizonaIf you want to taste and feel the Wild West, just come to Arizona. But there’s even more to Arizona than sunshine, cactus plants and deserts; this state has green parks and snow-capped mountains too. Yes, there’s more to Arizona than the Grand Canyon, especially if you’ve got your heart set on getting married here. To make your big day even more beautiful and memorable, I’ve gathered some useful information on Arizona weddings!

Arizona is attractive both to couples who like countryside and those who prefer urban areas. Phoenix is among the largest cities in the U.S. and it’s the state capital; this city offers the perfect urban setting for your wedding. But, if you’re more into rural atmosphere, particularly if you’re looking for the western vibe, barn weddings with cowboy hats, bolo ties and boots are rather popular in Arizona. The fact is; whatever wedding style you prefer, you’ll undoubtedly get it in this beautiful and exciting state.

The Statistics: Trends and Costs

Most couples in Arizona opt for outdoor weddings; approximately 75% of all the couples who get married in Phoenix choose outdoor venues for their big day. Weddings are usually formal or semiformal, and an increasing number of couples are looking for the way to lower their negative impact on the environment when they’re planning the most important event of their lives (so far); yes, Arizona couples are getting greener and greener.

Talking about the statistics, according to one study, it’s common to spend approximately $240 per guest on your wedding if you organize your ceremony in Arizona. It is, more or less, on par with the national average. How much the wedding would cost depends primarily on the location; in Tucson you’ll spend significantly less than in Phoenix, for instance. When planning and budgeting your wedding, it’s crucial to know how much various wedding vendors and products cost.

Marriage Licenses

But, unfortunately, wedding is more than tasting delicious wedding cakes and choosing the wedding gown. Some details aren’t as enjoyable, but you simply need to get those things done. For that reason, let’s say a few words about how to obtain Arizona marriage license.

Compared to other states, it’s rather easy to get a marriage license in this state. The blood tests are not required and there’s no waiting period. Indeed, it’s possible to tie the knot the same day you applied for your marriage license.  Of course, only if you provide all the necessary documentation. So, what do you need? Both parties have to be present, you need to have valid photo IDs to show your age and you have to pay $76 (by credit card, bank guarantee card, money order or in cash). You need to return the license within 30 days of the wedding event if you want it to remain valid and it’s necessary to get married within 12 months of the license issue date. At the time of application, you have to submit an additional amount of money (approx. $34.50) if you’d like to get a certified copy of the marriage certificate (which is necessary if you want to change your name).

Permits for the National and State Parks

When it comes to the national and state parks in Arizona, luckily, they allow weddings. Of course, it doesn’t mean you could just turn up with all your guests and organize your big day with all the festivities. In fact, if you want your wedding to take place in public, it’s necessary to file for a Special Use Permit; all national and state parks require this. When it comes to private wedding venues, in most cases there’s no need for these permits, but make sure you check this with the owner of the facility to avoid unpleasant situations.

If you consider getting married at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park or Grand Canyon National Park, you need to make reservations (a fee is non-refundable) and apply for the special Use Permit. State parks, such as Tonto, Slide Rock and Havasu offer chairs and tables for rent; this means less vendors to work with.

Exchange Your Vows in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ is among the largest cities in the United States and it offers numerous amazing venues and incredibly good vendors that could put together the big day you’ve dreamed about. If you would like your flower arrangements to stand out of the crowd you might try a company like the Camelback Flowershop and their flower delivery service.

Although it’s in the middle of the desert, the largest city in Arizona is surrounded by lakes, rivers, mountains and forests.

When to Say “I do” in Arizona?

Arizona, in minds of most people, seems to be dry and hot year-round. Although this is true for some desert areas, the entire state isn’t as dry and hot all the time. In fact, weather is rather varied and you can also enjoy snow in the northern parts of Arizona. Nevertheless, summers are incredibly hot with temperature average over 100°F in all summer months. For that reason, most couples avoid this time of year to tie the knot in Arizona. In Autumn, the weather is, however, delightful, ideal for getting married outdoors.

When it comes to winter months, they are, in general, mild. As I’ve already said, in the northern parts, you can see some snowfall in the mountains, but the temperatures are pleasant throughout whole winter. Rain is heavier in winter, but only if you can’t stand a few drops of rain. Basically, if you’re getting married in Arizona, rain shouldn’t be on your list of things to worry about.

If you would like to avoid some major events and festivals in Arizona, it’s good to know when they take place. The reasons for skipping these dates is simple: the cities are too crowded, the venues and vendors are probably booked at least a year in advance and the prices are significantly higher. Parada del Sol starts in early February; in February through March, there is Arizona Renaissance Festival; Scottsdale Culinary Festival takes place in mid-April, whereas Folk Festival in Tucson is held in early May. When it comes to El Tour de Tucson, it is in mid-November.