Caribbean Weddings in St Lucia – Dream of Romantic Couples

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st lucia weddingWishing to gift your partner-to-be plenty of sunshine, breathtaking vistas, cool sea breeze and soft waves kissing his/her feet, on your big day? Why not celebrate the day in the Caribbean?  Destination weddings in St Lucia are something which every romantic couple would want to enjoy. St Lucia – the wonderful country offers such a dreamy ambience to those lovers who want to get lost in each other’s company for life in true tranquility and romance! No wonder, it has constantly been the winner of the “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” and “Caribbean’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” awards since 2002.  

St Lucia has a multicolored atmosphere with some African, some French, a bit of East Indian and a little English influence. So, you get to experience a feel of all these countries – their culture, their legacy and their uniqueness. That way, you can offer your guests an unforgettable Caribbean holiday for which they will thank you.

When to Plan the Big Day?

St Lucia celebrates a number of festivals. You can plan your big day coinciding with one of them. Saint Lucia Jazz Festival, for example, held in early May, will be an ideal treat for you and your guests. It is held in multiple venues across the island and the air is filled with mesmeric music and its lovers from all over the world. But you have to book your venue pretty early. Carnival is another occasion celebrated just before Lent, when the air is full of colors and joy.


But if you want a quiet and restful event, for exchanging vows in a solemn atmosphere, avoid festival time. The island country has abundant peace and serenity.

Resorts of St Lucia

Resorts of St Lucia are considered the best of all Caribbean resorts. There are numerous of them and they are all-inclusive.


Pigeon Island – Pigeon Island is a lovely 40-acre islet situated in Gros Islet in the north of St Lucia. Otherwise secluded from the rest of the country, the islet has a causeway to access, which forms the Rodney Bay Marina. There are numerous fortresses around on the island dotted on its two mountains. And of course there is no scarcity of miles of splendid beaches rich with silky sand and azure waters.

wedding on pigeon island

Beaches – St Lucia has innumerable beautiful beaches with golden sand and crystal clear waters. These beaches make ideal wedding venues. There are all facilities available; plus you and your guests can indulge into numerous water sports, including snorkeling and scuba diving.


Soufriere Estate – Soufriere Estate is the host of splendid botanical gardens – Diamond Botanical Gardens and its mineral water baths. The estate was presented by King Louis XIV to three Devaux brothers whose descendants now own the property and maintain the lovely gardens. The gardens are rich with flowering trees and shrubs. The tiny paths in the garden lead to a natural gorge where there are underground sulfur springs which further make Diamond Waterfall deep down the gardens. The rocks on which the fall plunges have been encrusted for centuries with minerals and have taken superb tinges of yellow, purple and green.

diamond fall

Nature Reserves – St Lucia is bound to have Nature reserves and it has two, which are indescribable as expected.  Fregate Island Nature Reserve near the fishing village of Praslin and Maria Islands Nature Reserve on a pair of tiny islands – Maria Major and Maria Minor – present an eye-popping diversity of flora and fauna.

And this is not all. There are numerous other sights on the island like amusement parks, farms, forests, arboretums, historical monuments, museums, mountains, sports venues, viewpoints, wineries and many more to offer you an unforgettable honeymoon.

So, what do you think now? Don’t you feel like heading straightaway towards St Lucia for a dream wedding?