Getting Married in Orange County, California

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orange county weddingWith its vibrant cities, endless coastlines, mountains, deserts and vineyards, Orange County, CA is the perfect place to consider when looking for your ideal destination to tie the knot. One of the most culturally and geographically diverse places in the United States, Southern California, with its excellent record of sunny weather, is surely one of the best location for couples who are dreaming about a beach wedding. You’ll find top notch wedding venues in Orange County, as well as more affordable lovely places to get hitched.

When it comes to Orange County marriage license, it can be issued to applicants on the spot. From the date of issuance, your marriage licenses will be valid for 90 days. Blood tests and citizenship/residency are not required. Of course, to apply for a marriage license, you must be over 18 of age. If you’re planning a destination wedding in Orange county, you can submit your application for marriage licenses online; plus, you’ll be seen on a priority basis when arriving at the Clerk-Recorder Department.

Even if you haven’t been to Orange County before, the chances are it has seeped into your consciousness. No, it’s not only because of the Disneyland, which is, for the record, the biggest attraction in California, you’ve seen the scenes from Orange County in Desperate Housewives, Arrested Development and many other TV series that have been set her. Gorgeous beaches, glamorous people and vibrant social life? Yes, that’s exactly what you’ve seen and what you’ll find. However, you’ll probably come here because of the gorgeous sunsets and just-off-the-boat delicious seafood. Sun-kissed coast is, as mentioned above, ideal place to say your vows if you want the touch of romance and beautiful scenery in your wedding images. Everything will be picture-perfect, only thing you need to decide is which of those beach wedding dresses will suit you best!