Guadalajara – A Perfect Location for An Enchanting Wedding

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Guadalajara weddingIf you are in search of a destination for your big day where there is a pleasant climate, flowers everywhere and a festive atmosphere, I suggest you a place – it is Guadalajara! Guadalajara – Mexico’s second largest city – has an unmatched cozy charm that makes it look more like a country than a city. It has year round spring-like climate, lots of gardens and parks full of colorful flowers and Mexico’s major festivals. It is the city Mariachis – the leather-throated musicians, Tequila – the national drink, Jarabe Tapatio – Mexican Hat Dance and Charros – the talented equestrians. All of them offer the place an old world charm, where you would feel like starting your new exciting life. And if you plan to get married here in Guadalajara, is there to help you out, which is an extensive online directory of wedding specialists.

Before you decide on any other wedding vendor, find a wedding photographer in Guadalajara, because this city has so many photogenic locations that you won’t feel contented with a few photos. Your wedding photos in Guadalajara will be so fantastic that you will be proud to cherish them for years to come. Guadalajara hosts ancient mansions, monasteries and palaces, and numerous courtyards, towers and fountains which will provide you wonderful backdrop for your wedding photos. Your guests too will be amazed to take photos on these locations and they can have an unforgettable holiday. Moreover the city has Tequila, Zapopan, Tonala and Tlaquepaque on its outskirts, which are spectacular charming towns which can offer you the most romantic honeymoon.

Guadalajara - flowing water

Wedding Photos in the Historical Downtown

Guadalajara has some fantastic architecture seeing which you and your wedding photographer are going to be excited. The beauty of the colonial plazas is unmatched. And don’t miss Guadalajara’s museum – Instituto Cultural Cabanas – designed by the famous architect Manuel Tolsa, with walls decorated by the renowned Mexican muralist Jose Clemente Orozco. The regional museum – Museo Regional, the City Museum and the Arts Museum too are absolutely photogenic, truly apt for your wedding photos.

Guadalajara - couple in car


Pay a visit to Tequila – the world-famous birthplace of the agave-based liquor. A one-day train excursion to Tequila is unforgettable and your wedding photographer can grab countless opportunities to take your photos in the beautiful settings. You can also enjoy live music, mouthwatering Mexican cuisine, tequila-based as well as soft drinks and an exciting visit to a tequila factory.


So, if you want an exotic location where you can get a talented wedding photographer and lots of photogenic locations where you can do an enchanting wedding photo shoot, Guadalajara is a perfect place. So, don’t waste time and book your tickets for Guadalajara!