How To Plan Catskill Weddings

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wedding in catskillCouples who want to throw a destination wedding have many details to work out, but foremost among the calendars and menus is the need to make it convenient for family and guests to attend. Money isn’t always the overriding factor. While many people might like the idea of attending a wedding in some exotic locale, for most people it’s just not practical. Even if the wedding party pays for everything, destination weddings require a commitment of time for traveling. That’s why Catskill weddings are exploding in popularity.

The Catskill Mountains encompass some of the loveliest scenery in North America, and they’re located close to the largest urban centers in the Northeast. That means that millions of people can attend Catskill weddings that wouldn’t be able to come otherwise. The largest city in the country, New York, is located within easy driving distance of the Catskills, making the resorts in the area a favorite for weddings and parties of all kinds.

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Today’s weddings celebrants are more likely than ever to prefer a ceremony held in a rustic, scenic setting than in a drab function hall in an urban or suburban location. Catskill weddings are perfect for busy city people who want to invite all their friends, family, and colleagues to attend the big day without blowing a hole in their schedules. Staying at a comfortable and convenient destination like while you help celebrate a wedding is like a spa vacation added to an important single day occasion. Instead of spending all their time traveling for one big day, everyone in the wedding party can settle in after a short trip to the Catskills and enjoy the days surrounding the party as much as the event itself.

Suitable for any Time of the Year

Catskill weddings have another benefit that few other destinations can match. Most couples try to plan their wedding day around the calendar months where good weather is assured. For most people, that means a ceremony in the summer or early fall, when they can at least hope for a sunny day. Weather has often been the driving force behind destination weddings that are held in the winter. If a couple wants to get married in December, they might feel that heading to a tropical location gives them the best chance of having a memorable event.

Catskill weddings don’t need to rely on the calendar. There are four distinct seasons in Upstate New York, and every one of them has something to offer a couple that wants to make their wedding and reception a pleasure for their family and guests. Each and every season in the Catskills has something of interest, and can suit any couple’s taste. A high summer wedding in the mountains is a welcome retreat from the oppressive heat in the city. An early fall wedding reception will have a backdrop of the most colorful and beautiful scenery in the world as the leaves change on all the mountainsides. A spring ceremony will be able to feature blooming flowers and budding trees. Catskill weddings held in the winter will feature brilliantly lit lodges gleaming in the twilight, surrounded by silvery landscapes covered with snow.

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The biggest attraction of Catskill weddings, after the wedding ceremony itself, is the beautiful backdrop of the mountains. A large portion of upstate New York is given over to the New York Forest Preserves. These areas are one of the oldest conservation projects in the nation, and it’s kept the entire Catskill area unspoiled. The preserve is different than almost all other preserves in that it contains over 100 small towns, along with small businesses and farms. The Catskills might be the only conservation area in the entire world that includes villages, but bans unlimited development.

That commitment to keeping the area accessible but not overdeveloped makes it into an ideal getaway spot for Catskill weddings. There are over 700,000 acres of park to enjoy, along with many lakes and miles of rivers and streams. If you’re looking for a place that combines unspoiled wilderness with easy access and plenty of amenities, the Catskills is the undisputed king.

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Bring the Great Outdoors Into Catskill Weddings

For most wedding parties, the outdoors supplies a backdrop for a few pictures. The ceremony and the reception take place in a windowless room, and could be held almost anywhere. The Catskills offer so much more. No matter where you plan a destination wedding in the Catskills, nature can become an integral part of your ceremony and the party after. In most suburban settings, all the wedding photographer can do is look for a patch of grass or a fountain to take a few snaps before everyone retreats to a function hall. In the Catskills, you can hold your ceremony under the pines, on the shores of a lake, or by a meadow of wildflowers. You could arrive for your reception in a horse-drawn sleigh with bells jingling on a crisp winter day.

Catskill weddings can be as formal or informal as you please, because the Catskills themselves combine the best of both worlds. If you want to treat your guests to a rustic retreat or a five-star hotel, you’ll be able to find either surrounded by beautiful parkland and sweeping, unspoiled vistas. The Catskills area has a long tradition of supplying weary city dwellers with a family-friendly retreat, so no matter how large or small your wedding party, you can find the perfect place to hold your ceremony and your reception.

Due to the popularity of Catskill weddings, you won’t have any trouble locating all the services you require for your nuptials. Many destination weddings are held in places that are too remote for easy transportation, and the limited availability of businesses like bands, caterers, and florists means additional bottlenecks and additional costs. The Catskills are a popular destination for weddings and other get-togethers, and while there might be a mountain and a forest right outside your window, there’s sure to be all the services you need as well.

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