Hvar – A Magical Wedding Destination

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san marco terraceIf you are planning to have a destination wedding and are considering places around the world which are famous as wedding destinations, let me suggest you a bit less famous, but extremely stunning wedding destination – it’s Hvar, in Croatia! Believe me, when you will reach there to tie the knot, you will thank me for suggesting you the heavenly island in the Adriatic Sea! It has superb beaches, great weather, quaint historical sites and stunning views; no wonder, Hvar is getting increasing popularity as a wedding destination.

Get Married in a Hvar Church

You can choose to get married in one of the many quaint Catholic churches in Hvar. You can do it even as a foreigner and you will also get nice wedding packages. However, you will require to plan well, like:

  • Make sure that you know the laws of your own country, especially, if a civil marriage is required after a church wedding. Inform the parish priest of your own church that you are going to marry abroad. The priest will help you to get the required documents.
  • You will need to attend the pre-wedding counseling classes and get the certificate. You will have to include the certificate in your wedding application.
  • If you wish that your wedding ceremony should be conducted in your mother tongue or any other foreign language, you will need to arrange a priest who can conduct the ceremony in your mother tongue.
  • The priest you choose has to carry a proof that he is a bona fide priest.

Other Places to Get Married in Hvar

There are many other beautiful places to get married in Hvar. Here are some:

Bonj Les Bains: This is one of the best places and is located in Hvar Town. It’s appropriate to conduct any type of wedding ceremonies and receptions. It has some of the biggest hotels in the city too which have excellent views and romantic settings.

San Marco Terrace: This is superbly placed in the magical main square of Hvar Town and offers magnificent views of waterfront and Pakleni destinations.

Marak Church: This is more of a historical place than a religious one. If you decide to get married in a Hvar church, this is the best one. It has a romantic setting and it’s located strategically in the middle of the town.

san marco terrace

You will find excellent information of beautiful Hvar wedding venues at hvar-apartments.co.uk/en/wedding-locations-in-hvar which is also an excellent portal to find apartments in Hvar. The beautiful pictures in this article are their courtesy. Go through their website and you will find just the perfect accommodations for you and your guests, and tips for your wedding in Hvar.