New Orleans Locations Perfect for Elopement Photography

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marriage licenseGone are the days when elopement referred to exchanging vows in a secret location far beyond the reach of your friends’ and family’s scrutiny and dislike! Today eloping couples conduct elopement to evade the huge financial responsibility a regular wedding can bring in. Amongst all the elopement destinations, New Orleans is perhaps the most preferred one for eloping couples, not only because the city is so beautiful that it has been chosen as the 3rd most popular destination, but also because it offers optimum ease for elopement weddings. You can just elope to Nola on a weekend (and even on a weekday), secure a marriage license, get married and begin your honeymoon! New Orleans provides so many free to low-fee locations for your elopement weddings, that you will realize that a wedding cannot be a stressful event! We here suggest you some romantic, pleasant and quaint wedding locations in Nola that are ideal for getting your sweet secret shot by New Orleans elopement photographers!

Jackson Square

The celebrated Jackson Square is located in the heart of the French Quarter and is normally a place for a lot of activity. You will require a permit from the City of New Orleans to hold your wedding here. However, you can conduct it in the nearby locations for free, like Pirates Alley and Moonwalk Park.

jackson square

Audubon Park

More than four thousand Oaks providing cool shade and a real quiet respite, Audubon Park is a Nola wedding location you will fall in love with. This 400-acre “urban Eden” is located between the Mississippi River and the renowned St. Charles Avenue. There’s a perfect spot in this park called “Lovers Oak” where two trees have grown entwining each other like lovers! You can conduct your wedding here or any other spot in the park and make the moment memorable.

new orleans elopement photographers

New Orleans Gondola

Experience the magical atmosphere of a Venetian gondola right in Nola, with Bella Mae as she quietly takes you through the City Park’s amazing lagoons. Whether you want to enjoy the moments only with your sweetheart or a small group of friends, you can do it here and make your special day unforgettable.

new orleans elopement photographers

Old Spanish Fort Gardens

Located in a serene residential territory of Nola, Old Spanish Fort Gardens form a superb location ashore Bayou St. John. The site is adorned with several lovely old Oaks with Spanish Moss. And if there is an unexpected shower, a small shelter is available too.

new orleans elopement photographers

Louis Armstrong Park

Perched on the renowned Rampart Street in the downtown New Orleans, Louis Armstrong Park was one of the Jazz birthplaces and was a place for congregating for slaves.

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