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Mauime weddingYou have heard about wedding planners and are planning to hire one for your own wedding which is around the corner. But are you skeptical about how it would work? You might have heard that wedding planners make things much easier by doing all the jobs you are supposed to do, whereby you get time to do a lot of other things; well, while this is true, there are types of wedding planners like hourly wedding planners, day-of wedding planners and referrals-only wedding planners who do only specific jobs. But the wedding planning service I am going to recommend you here is a full-service wedding planner; it’s Maui Me Weddings!

What is Maui Me Weddings?

Maui Me Weddings is a destination wedding planning service which has spread joy in many couples’ lives since 1998 by planning extremely well-organized weddings for them on the picturesque Hawaiian island of Maui.

Maui Me Weddings offer great prices and take the hassles out of your special day.

They are prepared to the last second jobs as well as jobs that are to be planned well in advance. Whether it is Minister, Planning, Photography, Music, Flowers, Coordination and your Reception and A La Carte – they do it all!

Take a look at some of the beautiful moments they have made happened in this article and a lot more on their website.

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How to Make a Maui Wedding Perfect?

Maui, Hawaii, is the best Hawaiian island and anyone can hardly resist the temptation of choosing it as a wedding destination. However, before choosing and arriving at any destination for wedding, you should consider a lot of things. Destination weddings are mostly faultless, but to make them so is a stressful activity. To make your Maui destination wedding perfect here are some tips.

Develop a Guest List: When you choose Maui as your wedding destination, the first thing you will need to do is to develop a guest list. But it is even more important that you need to know who will attend your wedding. When you hand over the job to a Maui wedding planner, the planner too will want to have your list of guests who will be definitely attending the event. It the wedding is large in size, the planner would need to book a banquet hall at a Maui vacation resort or hotel, while for smaller-sized or private weddings, you will find a lot of options in Maui.

Encourage Guests to Attend the Wedding: A drawback of a destination wedding is not many of your guests are eager to attend it, because of costs. In that case, you should encourage them by convincing them more for a holiday on such a beautiful island like Maui than your wedding. It may thus become a family holiday, a romantic getaway or a second honeymoon for them.

Plan for Honeymoon Alongside Wedding Planning: Many couples decide to plan for their honeymoon later. But while planning for Maui destination wedding, why not continue your trip and start your honeymoon right on the pristine island? Not only the island is perfect to enjoy each other’s company and know more about each other, but also it saves a lot of money. In the first place, you will be spending a considerable amount on flying to Hawaii; why to pay extra for choosing a different honeymoon destination? Maui has it all for your honeymoon. It’s a home to lots of private, but luxurious rentals; so also, it has a number of attractions and activities that can offer you life’s most fun, romantic and adventurous time with your beloved partner.

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Wedding Packages in Maui Hotels: Most Maui hotels offer wedding packages. These are of various types, but basically contain a suite, food, drinks, entertainment and photographs etc, plus they contain extra features. As a Maui wedding planner, Maui Me Weddings have good relations with some of the best hotels and so, can find the best wedding packages for you. These wedding packages save your money to a huge extent. Also, if you plan to book them on your own, while when Maui Me Weddings book one for you, lots of your time is saved.

Vacation Rentals: Maui also has a number of vacation rentals. If privacy, comfort and informality are what you dream about while thinking about your wedding, these vacation rentals are just perfect. There are lots of options in these like condos, villas and homes, and Maui Me Weddings can book one depending upon your choice, to arrange a picture perfect wedding for you. You and your guests can even plan to stay in one of these resorts or hotels, and can closely examine them. When you hand it over to Maui Me Weddings, they do the job for you and find the best accommodation option for you and your guests.

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Your Wedding Planners

Maui Me Weddings has your wedding planners, namely Susan Craft, David and Shari, and Linda Simon.

Susan Craft is your booking agent and wedding coordinator. She is doing the job for more than 15 years and has a great experience and long history of planning every aspect of Maui weddings carefully. She has literally coordinated thousands of wedding by now on Maui. You can call her at 800-856-3270\.

Rev. David Wesbster and his wife Pastor Shari Ravenscroft too have a massive experience of working with couples, ministering and officiating weddings. David is the primary minister of Maui Me Weddings and also the main photographer, while Shari plans your vow renewal ceremony.

Linda Simon is an expert in coordinating all the details of weddings. Because she is so keen at details, working with her becomes so easy for you. Once you book Maui Me Weddings as your wedding planners, you are assured that all your needs will be fulfilled because of Linda. She also has years of experience of wedding photography and graphics, and catches the candid wedding moments just the way the couples want.

Outside Resources

As such, Maui Me Weddings has their own resources which they have chosen carefully so as to carry out all the weddings perfectly. But at times they also book outside resources when some special services are needed. And they choose these resources as carefully as they choose their staff. These specialty services include harpists, guitarists, as well as traditional Hawaiian musicians and dancers.

Your Maui wedding is going to be mind-blowing and unforgettable for your guests for years to come because of Maui Me Weddings planners, and this is what you have dreamed of for years, right?

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