Tips to Enjoy Your Hawaiian Wedding in a True Sense

Posted by on Mar 7, 2017 in Beautiful Wedding Venues in the World |

Hawaii wedding tipsWith the year-round pleasant climate, lovely settings of world-class beaches and great mountains, and superb amenities, Hawaii is, no wonder, one of the most popular wedding destinations for numerous couples. While envisioning saying “I do” on the backdrop of sunset wearing dancing fragrant orchid leis is certainly extremely appealing, you have to make some practical decisions. For example, distance between Hawaii and your place. Yes, Hawaii is far away from many places even in the US. Still the good news is that planning a Hawaii wedding is much easier than you may think, thanks to the Hawaiian wedding pros and a fantastic laid-back, no-problem Hawaiian attitude.

Choosing an Island

You may think of this as a daunting task; however, choosing a Hawaiian island for your big day is like choosing a jewel from a jeweler, as all are equally beautiful. Here is the information of some.

Oahu is by far the most vibrant of the six main Hawaiian Islands, not only because most people live here, but also because of its retro-Hawaii culture of Diamond Head. This is state’s biggest city, home to Honolulu and Waikiki Beach and island’s largest entertainment district. It has also got the biggest airport and there are many direct flights from the mainland.

The island of Hawaii is known as the Big Island so as to avoid confusion, because it is the largest in the chain. It offers an extremely diverse topography, as many as 11 of the 13 climatic zones in the world occur on this island. (Yes, there is even snow, on mountain tops). There is even lava oozing live at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, housing the active Kilauea Volcano.

Another paradise is Maui, the most enchanting Hawaiian island. Here you will get many of state’s luxurious hotels and resorts, and its beaches are considered some of the best in the world.

Plus there are many others like Kauai aka The Garden Isle, full of lush greenery, Lanai, where Bill Gates tied the knot, Molokai, known as the “Friendly Island” and more.

Choosing Proper Time

Hawaii is known for its consistent weather patterns, thanks to the temperate Pacific that regulates the air masses traveling to the islands. Temperatures range between 70s and 80s. Summer is drier and warmer than winter. Winter is the favorite season for tourists and it’s also the so-called ‘wet’ season with occasional short-term showers followed by the legendary Hawaiian rainbows! All in all, you can choose to say ‘I do’ in Hawaii anytime of the year!

Choosing Consultants

It’s quite difficult to plan a Hawaiian wedding from the mainland and taking local help is inevitable. Fortunately there are many high quality wedding consultancy services available in Hawaii like Lanikai Wedding, offering affordable and topnotch Hawaii wedding packages so as to make things easy for couples and let them enjoy their big day in a true sense. You can even take help of their website to find checklists, what to look for in choosing wedding planner and more.

Follow these tips and your Hawaiian wedding will become the best event in your life that you would love to cherish.