Top 4 Tips to Have the Most Charming Caribbean Wedding

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Caribbean weddingIf you have decided to conduct a destination wedding in the Caribbean, you have taken a fantastic decision. Caribbean is one of the most romantic and beautiful wedding destinations. Ocean water rippling around, shining under the bright sun, swaying palms, charming islands, towns and villages – what else would you want for a romantic rendezvous? However, if you follow certain tips, your enjoyment would still increase. Here they are.

1. Choose a Correct Island

Caribbean is utmost beautiful and its beauty lies in its diversity. The region includes hundreds of isles of twenty two nations, each with its own special touch of culture, beauty and charm. It’s actually difficult to choose one of the islands. However, you can differentiate between them according to the atmosphere. E.g. do you want a romantic getaway? Punta Rica is perfect. You can conduct a Huracan Cafe wedding there and enjoy the awesome atmosphere. So also, there are islands having a historic background or vibrant nightlife and so on. While researching about the region, choose an island where you can enjoy your big day the most.

2. Think Beyond the Beaches

The Caribbean is of course famous for its oceans and beaches. However, if you say that only the Caribbean beaches are what you come here for, it would be unjust. There are many more beautiful spots on the islands which you can consider for saying “I do”. There are mountains, charming ruins, terraces and lawns, perfect for organizing a spectacular ceremony. What’s more, you can charter a yacht too and make the most of your big day.

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3. Delight Your Guests

Destination weddings are not only expensive for the wedding couple, but also for guests. So, you must appreciate them and what else can be a better way to do so than giving them awesome favors? You can gift them with things that they can use in the destination as well as after returning back, such as flip-flops, local specialty snacks, and so on. When your guests will be happy, you will also be happy with your weddings completely.

4. Think of a Separate Honeymoon

Since the Caribbean is so beautiful, your guests may prefer to spend some more days here. In that case, your plan for honeymoon may turn into a more extended family time. If you want to be alone with your partner, better check out altogether after the wedding and choose another hotel on the opposite side of the same island or a different island. This will offer you the much desired solitude, just with each other.

Follow these tips and you will have the most charming Caribbean wedding of which you will have the sweetest memories!

Caribbean wedding