Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bangalore as Your Wedding Destination

Posted by on Feb 3, 2020 in Beautiful Wedding Venues in the World |

Wedding planner in Bangalore

As such, there are many destinations in India ideal for destination weddings, including Goa, Rajasthan and more. However, if you are looking for something simple, peaceful, with pleasant weather, with ample amenities and with a unique blend of urban and rustic atmosphere, Bangalore is definitely worth considering. Let’s see why Bangalore can be an ideal wedding destination for you.

1. Good Connectivity

When it comes to a destination wedding, your guests are an important factor you should consider. They should not face any problem and get tired in an unknown place. Bangalore is well connected by multiple means of transport including road, rail and air.

2. Good Wedding Planners

A competent wedding planner in Bangalore can make everything easy for your guests. For example, Kraftstar Management is one of the most well-known event management firms and can efficiently turn your vision into reality with their competence and innovation. They strive to ensure that your wedding becomes a spectacular event full of happiness and prosperity. They work round the clock to let you enjoy your wedding by avoiding any problems and letting your wedding go smoothly. Hire such a wedding planner and you’ll be stress-free.

3. Great Variety of Venues

You want to choose your wedding venue that will set your right mood for your big day. Bangalore has a great variety of wedding venues, whatever mood you want to set. Bangalore is a ‘Garden City’ and has some of the best outdoor wedding venues. Then there is the iconic Bangalore Palace for a royal touch, the ancestral home ‘Tamarind Tree’, and any of the several lush green farmhouses for a rustic charm. Wherever you decide to say ‘I do’ in Bangalore, you’re sure to take the most awesome memories with you back home.

Wedding in Bangalore

4. Pleasant Weather

It’s a specialty of Bangalore that the weather here is pleasant almost throughout the year. When it gets hot, most of the times it rains and the weather cools down again. You’ll agree that cool atmosphere can be an important factor of weddings because everyone wants to wear heavy dresses and jewelry, and are stressed out at least a bit. So, a city like Bangalore with pleasant weather can make your wedding proceed smoothly.

Moreover, as Bangalore’s weather is pleasant all through the year, there’s no need to find a particular season to tie the knot in Bangalore, whereas in other destinations like Rajasthan, you have to fix a wedding date in the cool season, and then you’ve to face difficulties like lack of venue, accommodation etc. In Bangalore, you can decide to get married anytime of the year.

5. Great Variety of Accommodations

When it comes to accommodation of your guests, Bangalore has a variety of options to offer, including luxurious hotels, houses with a colonial charm, ancestral homes, palaces, boutique hotels, service apartments, B&Bs and everything in between.

So, have you started planning a Bangalore wedding?