Top 6 Locations in Singapore for Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

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taking a break from photo shootYou are on top of the world being engaged and want to show off your joy! What else can do that than great pre-wedding photos? If you are in Singapore, there is no scarcity of beautiful photogenic spots. There are lush jungles, amazing skylines, quaint neighborhoods and eclectic cafés all through the island. Choose whichever place you love the most.

1. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens are centrally located and so, you will find it easy to transport your bridal gown and props, and you will enjoy posing for the photos on the sprawling grounds, numerous ponds, pristine gardens, romantic gazebos and majestic trees of the park.

2. Tuas

Tuas’s isolated location is yet quite unknown, but offers a magnificent setting for photos in warm weather in summers with a relaxed environment to enjoy posing before the camera in any way you want with no pesky observers out there. Tuas has a range of amazing landscapes from desert-like barren lands to lush green lalang (blady grass) fields, offering a location for any mood.

photo shoot in fields

3. Dempsey Hill

This glamorous commune with lifestyle stores and chi-chi restos has become a favorite spot of many photographers because of its peaceful settings, fabulous colonial exteriors of the dining venues and leafy pathways which make even camera shy couples relaxed and unwound.

4. Coney Island

Right from its opening, Coney Island with its gate and its signature casuarina trees has become a favorite photo spot of nature lovers. The island has a conjuring atmosphere with a unique locale, majestic trees and dreamy fields of lalang making it a perfect setting for couples looking for offbeat photo locations.

photo shoot in lush jungles

5. The White Rabbit

A 1930s chapel now restored, The White Rabbit has a quaint interior with high ceilings, stained glass windows and wooden tables that can give you fairytale nostalgia. But you will be even more enchanted with its exterior which is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and presents numerous amazing walkways, well-manicured lawns and mismatching yet delightful furniture.

6. Joo Chiat

A distinct Singaporean location, Joo Chiat has a colorful history and a mishmash of well-maintained shop-cum-houses with quirky back alleys making it an ideally romantic photo shoot destination for couples. If you want breaks from the shoot, many charming cafés are at your service.

taking a break from photo shoot

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