Wedding in Dubrovnik – Tie the Knot on a Beautiful Backdrop

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dubrovnik beachesIf you are in search of a destination for your big day which should have a unique charm of its own and an ability to take you both in an enchanting world, choose Dubrovnik! This Croatian gem on Adriatic Sea is full of attractions that will make you feel proud that you chose the city to start your new life. It has got an old-worldly charm characterized by baroque edifices, marble streets and an unending gleam of the Adriatic. For centuries, its ancient walls are guarding an extremely civilized republic which will fascinate you.

After the 1991 shelling of Dubrovnik which shattered the world, the city has gained its original energy back again and has an ability to make you lose to its beauty. Enjoy a cable car ride up to the gigantic Mt. Srđ and get enchanted by the Mediterranean way of living and interplay of stone and light. Know about the history of this ancient city through its grand museums. And finally plunge into the crystal clear sea. Every moment in Dubrovnik is going to offer you incredible enjoyment.

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Witness the Beauty

Weren’t you dreaming of a beautiful backdrop to tie the knot? Dubrovnik will provide you the perfectly beautiful backdrop! The historical architecture, oceanic environment, amazing gardens – all are going to fascinate you!

An Array of Venues

Dubrovnik has an array of beautiful wedding venues.

Hotels: There are lots of beautiful and comfortable hotels which offer stunning views of the cityscape and seascape.

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Churches: If you want to say “I do” in a church, Dubrovnik doesn’t lack in any way in historical churches, like Cathedral of the Assumption, St. Ignatius’ Church, St. Blaise Church and more.

On the Adriatic: Celebrate your special day on an enchanting cruise which will take you to Elafiti Islands. Even Yacht Charter Croatia can arrange your wedding reception on a well equipped and fully staffed yacht on Adriatic.

Beaches: Have an enchanting big day on one of the fabulous beaches of the city.

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Cave Wedding: This option will certainly enchant you – you can tie the knot deep within a natural cave which is situated on the Lapad Peninsula. Your reception can be arranged outside on the terrace of the cave overlooking the ocean – not only you two, but all your guests will be truly amazed!

So, this is what Dubrovnik is – beautiful, amazing, awesome and much more! And most importantly, perfect for you to start your journey with your life partner. Tie the knot and head on towards a great honeymoon. Visit for having great accommodation options to make your stay comfortable and romantic. The images in this article are their courtesy.

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