Weddings in Tuscany – What More Can You Dream Of?

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wedding in tuscanyIf you have planned to celebrate your big day in form of a destination wedding and are now wondering about which destination to choose, Tuscany is one of the best wedding destinations in the world which nearly every couple dream of! So much has been written about Tuscany’s heavenly beauty that it has been by now well-set in everyone’s mind; what remains is to go there and experience the beauty with your own eyes and senses. The dreamy countryside, renaissance and medieval cities adorned with priceless art and architecture, a matchlessly scrumptious cuisine and a range of some classiest wines in the world, and a well-developed wedding industry to make you and your guests extremely comfortable – that’s what Tuscany is made of – just appropriate to be called a wedding destination. Take a glance here and you will realize.

The Medieval Aura

The palaces and sprawling squares of Florence – Tuscany’s capital, flabbergast you with their renaissance grandeur. To add to it, River Arno flowing through and its romantic bridges provide an unforgettable backdrop. Florence’s palaces like Sala Rossa and squares like Palazzo Vecchio provide apt setting for a dreamy wedding.

If you dream to tie the knot in a quaint medieval town, you will find many of them – Siena, Lucca, Certaldo, Montalcino, San Gimignano, Pisa and many more! They are full of quaint fortresses, palaces, cathedrals and wedding halls to make your big day just spectacular.

medieval aura

Charm of Countryside

There is nothing more charming than to tie knot on a rustic backdrop like Tuscany’s indescribable countryside. These are not just villages; they are paintings by an unknown Almighty painter, with their rolling vineyards, silvery olive groves and hilltop settlements bound by picture-perfect ancient walls – wherever your eyes turn, there is beauty!


Tuscan Riviera

And if you dream of a beach wedding – Tuscany provides that too! The stunning Tuscan Riviera is a unique blend of rusticity and sophistication. It is studded with the islands of Giglio and Elba, inviting you for an unforgettable honeymoon.


Tuscany wedding provides everything you can possibly dream of, from a tiny country chapel to a cliff side castle lit by candles and torches. Whether you want a pastoral venue or a refined one for your reception, it is here! You are also free to rent your own villa or castle and hire a wedding service which can fulfill your every wish right from enchanting wine tasting sessions to horse riding excursions.

Italy’s greatest wedding halls, some dating as back as over 800 years and adorned with frescoes and stuccoes, are present in Tuscany. For a catholic wedding Tuscany provides country’s finest intimate chapels as well as grand cathedrals.

You can make your big day the dreamiest by arranging it in Tuscany. And Tuscany waits for you with open arms!