You Can’t Wait Anymore To Tie the Knot on the Romantic Turtle Island, Fiji

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beach picnic for two FijiFiji has long been a dream destination for couples from all over the world. Among the hundreds of Fijian islands, Turtle Island is perhaps the most sought after wedding destination, because it entertains only 14 couples at a time. You get all-inclusive Fiji Wedding packages through which you can enjoy an exclusive ceremony which you would remember for years to come.

Turtle Island is full of tropical flowers and the soft warm winds carry their scent to make you forget all your worries. The beautiful island has 14 secluded beaches that are extremely relaxing, no less than a place where you may dream of saying “I do”.

Turtle Island has only 14 villas (or Bures). So, you can imagine the tranquility and peace you can get here.

serenity and privacy of bure Turtle Island Fiji

Turtle Island has been honored as the true essence of Fiji by Luxury Travel Magazine! With the pristine waters on the private beaches, fantastic marine life, calm and cool accommodations and a range of activities to choose from, Turtle Island offers a perfect ceremony to you and an incredible holiday to your guests for which they will thank you.

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Types of Accommodation

When you plan a destination wedding, accommodation is of utmost importance, because being on a foreign land, you need a secure and comfortable place to relax, get ready, dine and perform other tasks. Plus you want to provide all your guests the necessary comfort. Turtle Island never disappoints you in this matter, because it has got some world-class accommodations for you.


As mentioned earlier, there are only 14 bures which are authentically traditional and eco-friendly. These are two-room cottages created by Fijian craftsmen. They are incredibly roomy, airy and comfortable, and provide the desired romance with the views of the wonderful Blue Lagoon from their windows.

Grand Bure: Every Grand Bure is equipped with a king-size bed, spacious dressing room, walk-in double shower, hot tub, outdoor rinsing shower, writing desk and a veranda with a luxurious day bed for sunbathing, where the surrounding palms cast shadows! Can you imagine anything more lavish?

Deluxe Bure: There are Deluxe Bures too each of which has similar lavishness like that of Grand Bures, but provides a uniqueness of setting.

Vonu Point: Vonu Point is a premium bure which is also a two-room spacious thatched cottage. This is the most popular bure on Turtle Island because of the privacy, stunning views and the ultimate romance it offers.

luxurious stay Turtle Island Fiji

What Activities You And Your Guests Can Enjoy?

You can enjoy both land-based activities like horse riding, biking, walking and running, kava ceremonies, garden tours, cultural entertainment and beach picnics, as well as water-based activities, like swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, wind surfing, fishing and kayaking!

scuba diving Turtle Island Fiji


Dining on Turtle Island is an exceptional experience because of the romantic and intimate locations – you can have breakfast while enjoying the sea breeze on the beach, or have dinners in moonlight, or take meals below the starry sky in a soft glow of lanterns on a floating pontoon!

romantic dinner Turtle Island Fiji

Visit to see what an incredible wedding you can have on Turtle Island on a white, sandy beach with traditional Fijian attire made from the special Tapa cloth (only if desired), garlands of fresh, colorful, fragrant flowers, trumpeting conches, enchanting rhythm of drums, Fijian chapel and choir, Kava ceremony, special wedding feast (lovo) of delicious fresh seafood, roast pork and other yummy local treats, and cake, and an overnight celebration with traditional Fijian festivities! The description itself will make you excited and you can’t wait anymore to tie the knot on the romantic Turtle Island! The wonderful pictures in this article are their courtesy.

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