Memorable Celebrity Wedding Gowns

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grace kelly weddingCelebrity marriages usually don’t last and we can almost count on it, but one thing is certain: spectacular wedding gowns to admire. Here are some of the best celebrity wedding gowns we have ever seen, those embellished, frothy and tiered dresses that made us weak in the knee.

Grace Kelly, Hollywood darling, married Prince Rainier III of Monaco and it was probably the Wedding of the XX century. Her wedding gown was created by costume designer for MGM, Helen Rose and it could have probably been the wedding dress of the century, also. The gown has cummerbund waist, high collar, full skirt and the gorgeous veil of 90 yards of tulle in it. The marriage also lasted, as the matter of fact.

Elizabeth Taylor married eight times, but her first marriage when she was only 18 we will always remember. In 1950 Liz married Conrad Nicky Hilton in a satin gown totally costly at the time: $1,500 (yes, it’s not so crazy price for the bridal dress nowadays). The sweeping skirt or romantic lace top are make this gown admirable.

Bianca Jagger known for masculine-feminine style married Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) carrying her signature look, naturally. The bride wore Smoking Le Smoking jacket by Yves Saint Laurent, a long skirt and the fanciest floppy hat ever.

Jacqeline Kennedy married into one of the US most notable political families and the all eyes were on her and your wedding outfit. Jackie didn’t disappoint the crowd. In Ann Lowe-designed bridal gown with 50 yards of silk taffeta making up skirt and bodice and her grandmom’s pared-down veil, Jaqueline Kennedy looked as a princess.

Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra made it official in Las Vegas in 1966. The bride wore simple white shift complementing her Rosemary’s Baby haircut. This look became the epitome of the gamine chic in 1960s.

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