G-String, V-String or Thong – What Should You Buy for Your Honeymoon?

Posted by on Dec 31, 2022 in Honeymoon Tips |

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Congratulations! Finally, the day is around the corner when you and your soulmate will be united! Definitely, you need special attire for the occasion of your first night. You’re excited to buy a beautiful lingerie. But the terms G-string, V-string and Thong have created a lot of confusion in you, so, you’re wondering what to do. On other occasions, you use them interchangeably; but today is a special night and use of a wrong term may bring embarrassment to you and you certainly don’t want it when you are with your partner. So, let’s understand the difference. That will also help you know what’s best for you.


G-string introduces you to a sexier world in a true sense. Although it’s not a thong, it’s a type of thong that makes a panty line with minimal fabric. It has a waistband that goes around the hips. To this, a string is attached that passes between the buttocks and supports the private part with a very tiny piece of fabric. There’s a V-shaped fabric in the front to cover the vagina, whereas the back contains only a string passing through the butt curves and tied to the waistband. G-string is more preferred by women as bridal underwear for bride because it doesn’t create any visibility of the panty line. The strips of G-string panties are so thin that they are barely visible from clothes. When worn, it creates a “T” shape at the back. Another important reason for its popularity is the sex appeal it creates. However, wearing G-string every day may be uncomfortable.


There is a great confusion between G-string and V-string. Just like G-string, V-string also has a piece of fabric in the front that is V-shaped. This covers the private part and continues to pass through the butt curves and joins the waistband around the waist. A type of “V” shape is created at the back when V-string is worn from where it’s got its name. So, what’s the difference between a G-string and a V-string? Just one! V-strings are just G-strings that are produced by Victoria Secret. In other words, the G-strings by Victoria Secret are named as V-strings. With same features, the only difference is the brand. G-strings have been trending in the fashion world for long. So, to make their product look unique, Victoria Secret changed the name and named it V-string, that’s it!


G-string and thongs are terms that are usually used interchangeably. But that’s wrong in the lingerie world. The similarities they both have actually gives rise to the confusion. With a similar cut, they both expose your butts. Both are meant to minimise the noticeability of panty lines when you wear something above them. But along with similarities, there are a few differences too. The main being the lack of strings in thongs. The waistband of thongs is made of thin fabric or seductive fabric lace. Just as the front look features a V-shaped fabric to cover your private part, that too has a V-shaped fabric piece attached to it. This gives it a “Y” shape at the back. Also, thongs are a bit more pretty and comfortable as compared to G-string. You just have to make sure the fabric is of high quality and pleasant look because it decides your comfort and pretty looks. Above all, thongs are considered the best among all the three types.

We hope that all the confusion in your mind is removed with the above info and you’ve made an informed decision about what to buy. Wish you a happy married life!