Guatemala – Ideal Place to Start a New Life with Your Sweetheart

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guatemala honeymoonIdeally you should start your new life with your spouse from a place where there is ample natural beauty, greenery, sunlight, open skies and multicolored culture, where you two can spend hours in each other’s company far from stress, worries and problems. In that case, your ideal honeymoon destination is Guatemala. With Guatemala Luxury Tours offered by you get an all inclusive honeymoon package that includes air, hotel, transportation, food, drinks and tours so you don’t have to worry about anything. What else will you want while you are with your sweetheart?

Guatemala is in Central America, a land of happiness and colors! Guatemala itself is adorned with lush jungles, rivers, caves, waterfalls, lakes, Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, wonderful volcanoes and everything you may dream of enjoying with your better half. In short, Guatemala is a paradise for honeymooners.

Charismatic Remains of Ancient Heritages

Guatemala is a country which flaunts the rich and charismatic Maya heritage. There are a number of archeological sites like El Peten and Tikal which you cannot afford to miss. The charming town of Chichicastenango is still under the influence of pre-Hispanic rituals and beliefs, and so, the atmosphere has the much desired old-world charm.

On the other hand, Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa offers you a glimpse of the mysterious Pipil culture which you can see in form of some interesting sculpted stone heads and reliefs in fincas (plantations) and fields around the town.

mayan culture

Volcan Pacaya

If you are fond of the enormous rages of Nature, like huge waterfalls, ocean waves, high mountains and the likes, now you will get a chance to see the inner rage of the Earth! Here in Guatemala, Volcan Pacaya is the place where you must see and enjoy the bright red lava flowing in form of a river with your sweetheart. Volcan Santiaguito is another volcano, but be sure that you and your partner are tough enough to undertake the steep 10-hour hike.


Lago de Atitlan

If you are in search of a truly romantic lake setting to roam around with your sweetheart, nothing can be more ideal than Lago de Atitlan. Lake Atitlan is surrounded by three beautiful volcanoes, Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro, along with other emerald green hillocks, cornfields and traditional charming Mayan towns, and is a perfect place for you two to spend in the intimate company of each other.


Chichicastenango Market

If you wish in between to get in touch with other people leaving your romantic isolation, get in the colorful Chichicastenango Market on a Sunday or Thursday to buy (or just roam around watching) fresh veggies, fruits, carvings, tapestries, and literally anything you wish for! Another charming spot you should not miss here is the Church of St. Thomas in the southeast corner of the Central Plaza where you can find some unique religious displays – ancient Mayan rituals with a Catholic touch!



And when you have arrived in this heavenly country for honeymoon, you cannot afford to miss the lovely beaches! Guatemala has numerous mind-blowing beaches like Playa Blanca, Champerico, Monterrico, Playa Tilapa, Puerto San Jose and more.

romantic beach

So, if you are planning to make a wonderful start with your new spouse, Guatemala is a place which should definitely be considered. Take a look at the luxury tours to Guatemala offered by and you will fall for it!