10 Golden Tips to Create Your Dream Team of Wedding Vendors

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Although it’s your big day, you’ll need a lot of people to make it real big and fantastic, and that’s top-notch vendors. Your wedding vendors are going to spend numerous hours helping you and your partner solidify your vision, executing all of the details as per your plan and if something goes wrong at the last minute, they will step in to smooth things over so you have the sweet memories of the day for the rest of your life. Here are tips on how to find wedding vendors that are best for your budget, style and personality.

1. Things to Consider while Choosing the Venue

The most important aspect to consider while choosing your venue is its cost-efficiency. Make sure the venue offers cost flexibility, such as various pricing packages and tiers. You should also check whether a venue offers an all-inclusive hire rate or more budget-friendly, digestible options.

Next thing to check is whether the venue meets all your event requirements.

2. Prioritise Your Key Vendors

Once you book your venue, it’s time to turn to booking any suppliers you may want to prioritise. So, where to start? You can start by making a priority list of any key vendors who need to be secured sooner rather than later. Keep in mind, you don’t need to hire all your wedding vendors at the same time. The most sought-after vendors that are generally booked first include photographers, wedding planners and celebrants. Hence consider researching these suppliers first. You can take help of directory for wedding professionals. This is a great source for wedding couples to connect with the best wedding vendors.

You may want to think about your overall wedding vision and priority for the day to help you determine your timeline for hiring suppliers. For example, if gourmet food and live music are your top priorities, you’ll want to book catering and entertainment as soon as possible (and consider setting a higher portion of your budget accordingly).

3. Organize Everything

Actually, there is no need to emphasize on how important it is to be organized. Keep all important documents like contracts inside a file, binder, or planner, so you don’t lose these important papers, as you may need to refer to them while working with your vendors. This is not only true about hard copies, but also, you’ll need to keep your email clean. Make sue, you check your inbox (and also spam) often and move all the important notes from your wedding vendors to a specified “wedding folder”. Use wedding vendor listings to manage all your wedding vendors in one place – contact vendors, create notes and save conversations and quotes.

4. Think of Your Requirements

As you start narrowing down your vendor short-list, you’ll also want to think on exactly what you’re looking for in each vendor.

Begin by making a list of your requirements for each supplier, and outlining your particular needs and wants. For example, you may be looking for a photographer who specialises in candid, documentary-style images, or a wedding planner that has earlier experience at your venue. Knowing your priorities for each vendor will help you streamline your research and make the process much easier and quicker.

5. Do Research Online and Offline too

Researching wedding vendors online as well as offline is an excellent way to find exactly what you want. Take your time to browse directory for wedding professionals, social media, wedding blogs and search engines to learn more about local vendors in your area. Check out their galleries and testimonials from past couple to get an overall idea of their quality of work.

You can do offline research through referrals and word-of-mouth. Reach out to recently married family members and friends, or ask your venue and other suppliers for their recommendations. Wedding fairs and expos are another wonderful way to find vendors to connect with.

6. Don’t Hesitate to Ask

As you start making contact with various wedding vendors, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Be open with your needs and wants, including your priorities, style and budget. Be sure, to touch base on anything you might be uncertain about, and ask each vendo to take you through their process and contract.

When it comes to wedding vendors, you’ll spend more one-on-one time with them (such as planner, celebrant or photographer). An initial consultation is always a good idea. It’s crucial to choose vendors you truly get along with, so take the time to make appointments to find people you feel comfortable and relaxed around.

7. Trust Your Vendors

Once you find your dream team of vendors, just trust them and move forward with confidence. Remember, these vendors are experts in the industry and work with engaged couples just like you for a living. With the right people by your side, you can rest assured your event is going to be just as you wanted it to be or even more!

8. Keep Practical Expectations

Your sweetheart might reply you within a few seconds, but your celebrant may not. Obviously, you need your wedding vendors to reply you back promptly, but they may not be able to do that for hours. If they do that frequently, you better ask them their preferred method of communication and timing. Maybe you’re calling them just on a time when they’re too busy to respond. Also, you should keep in mind that as you expect them to respond promptly, you too should respond to them promptly.

9. Keep Things Short and Sweet

Even though you have built an amazing relation with your vendor, and are in a mood to open up with them all your joys and sorrows, they may not have that much time to spend for you. They’re professionals and have jobs to do. Don’t embellish your conversations and emails with unnecessary details. Just tell them exactly what you need. But this doesn’t mean that you should be rude. Be sure to be positive.

10. Allot a Point of Contact

You’ll have to deal with multiple vendors, which is certainly not easy. A way out is allotting a single point of contact with each vendor. Bear well in mind that you don’t need to take on everyone yourself. You can even ask your friend, partner, or even one of the parents for help to deal with your caterer or florist.

If these tips help you to find the wedding vendors of your dream, we’ll feel honored. Share your experience with us and that will be of help to others too.