3 Reasons Why Loose Tea Can Be an Excellent Wedding Favor

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loose tea as wedding favorIf you are confused and annoyed with a thought of what to give as your wedding favors which your guests will remember forever, and if you are fed up with all the stale ideas given by your friends and relatives, here is an excellent idea – giving loose tea as wedding favors. You may not find this idea very great at first, but if you know about the tremendous health benefits offered by tea, its association with a happy married life and the awareness created among people about tea, you will find this idea appealing. Tea is indeed a valuable drink, which is why Chinese wedding tea ceremony is being performed for centuries till today.

Tea is regarded as a key to good health, wisdom and happiness for thousands of year in the East. Nowadays it has grabbed the attention of the Western researchers who have found a number of health benefits of various types of teas.

Researchers have found that some tea varieties are helpful in cancer, cardiac disease and diabetes; they promote weight loss, lower levels of cholesterol and increase mental alertness. Tea also has antimicrobial properties.

According to Katherine Tallmadge, MA, RD, LD, spokesperson to American Diabetes Association, tea doesn’t seem to have any downside. It is a great alternative to coffee, as it has less caffeine and it has been quite well established that flavonoids in tea are good for heart disease and cancer.

Though there are lots of queries about for how long tea should be steeped for optimum benefits and how much you must drink it, nutritionists are of opinion that any tea is good for health. Still they further say that brewed teas are more beneficial than the bottled ones because of less calories and sweeteners.

Black, White and Green Tea

Lots of brews are considered as teas, but purists consider only black, white, green, oolong and pu-erh teas as real things. These are all derived from the Camellia sinesis plant, a shrub native to India and China, and contain unique blend of antioxidants named flavonoids. The most potent among them is ECGC, which may act against free radicals that contribute to cancer, clogged arteries and heart disease. Theanine and caffeine in these teas affect the brain to heighten mental alertness.

Significance in Wedding

Apart from the health benefits, can you connect tea with your big day? Of course, yes. As said earlier, Chinese wedding tea ceremony has a lot of significance because tea denotes pure love, faith and many children, with its purity, stability and fertility. Therefore by giving loose tea as wedding favors, you are symbolizing your forthcoming life full of love, faith, health and fertility.

3 Reasons why to Give Loose Tea as Wedding Favors

  1. Loose tea is extremely healthy
  2. Loose tea is extremely tasty
  3. Tea denotes love, faith and fertility which you and everyone expect from yours and their married life.

So, now you will realize that giving tea as wedding favors is a real meaningful idea. Your wedding guests will be happy to have such an imaginative favor and will remember you and your wedding forever.