3 Useful Tips to Make Your Photos on the Custom Save the Date Cards Look Awesome

Posted by on Apr 28, 2019 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

custom save the dates

If you are wondering how to design your save the date cards, it’s a great idea to personalize these cards with your pre-wedding photos. As it is, pre-wedding photos are an amazing opportunity for you two to come together and know each other better and also, test the skills of your wedding photographer. Here are some tips to help you capture beautiful photos for your save-the-date cards.

1. How would You Choose the Location?

Choosing a location is an important aspect of your pre-wedding photo shoot. There’s no doubt that the location should be beautiful. But more importantly you should be familiar with it so as to be comfortable during the photo shoot. Think about a place which will be meaningful for both of you and will offer you ample photo opportunities. It may be seashore where you first met or a restaurant which you visited on your first date. The location should create your love story through the photos. Of course, you should also consider the weather which should be nice. However, capturing photos in rains is also a good idea and can add a romance to your pictures. Discuss with your photographer about how feasible it is. Another important aspect is timing of the day to get a perfect natural light. Ideally, just after the sunrise and just before the sunset are two excellent timings for great natural light. Discuss this too with your photographer.

custom save the dates

2. Makeup, Hair and Dresses

Hiring a makeup artist and hair stylist is a good idea to look the best in the photos of your custom save the dates.

When it comes to clothing, choose dresses in which you’ll feel at ease. But it’s a good idea to sit with your spouse-to-be and choose clothes that will complement each other. The dressiness or casualness of both of you should be at the same level. You can choose common shades or even some bright colors to look distinguished on the background. Your photographer can even help you in choosing your outfits.

custom save the dates

3. Use Props

In addition to a beautiful location, and lovely dresses and makeup and hair, one more thing can enliven your pre-wedding photos – props. Of course, props should be chosen thoughtfully. E.g. you can bring a picnic lunch basket and blanket to lie down on. Or you can capture photos while riding a bike. While choosing props, there is a wide scope for your creativity. You can choose from flowers to balloons to your favorite childhood dolls and they will make your pictures dramatic.

Enjoy your pre-wedding photo shoot thoroughly with these tips and have those photos proudly on your save-the-date cards to amaze your guests.