4 Amazing Tips to Understand Your Wedding Photographer and Get the Best Photos

Posted by on Jun 5, 2019 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

Wedding Photographer

One of the wedding vendors who has to stay with you always throughout your big day is your photographer. He has to see to it that he doesn’t miss any of the special moments including your entry, your wedding vow, your first kiss, your cake-cutting, yours and your parents’ tears and smiles, your friends, your first dance and so many more. All through this, she expects certain things from you. If you know them and set up a better chemistry with her, your wedding photos would much more beautiful than you’d expect. Here are a few.

1. Give Your Photographer the Time He Needs

Usually the wedding couple thinks that 15 minutes are enough for family photos, but in fact, they may need 30 minutes or more, due to reasons like an important family member missing. In that case, the photographer would want you to avoid make things rushed and thereby hectic.

2. Why They Charge that Price?

You may think that your photographer works for around 8 hours and charges you a few thousands. If you have that question in mind, don’t hesitate to ask it. Well, the average wedding photographer cost includes not only the work they do on your wedding day, but also the numerous meetings they make with you to know your expectations and vision. And don’t you remember their emails? Then comes the editing process. All in all, your photographer spends many more hours in making your pictures perfect and just as you want, than you ever thought of. Also, you should remember that the camera equipment is so pricey and needs to be upgraded every few years. Your photographer will love it if you ask her why she charges so much, because that gives her an opportunity to explain you all this.

3. They Expect You to Look at Them

Today everyone captures photos with their phones and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to compete for the wedding couple’s attention. However, if the wedding photographer doesn’t get those poses in which you are looking at her and not in your phones, she has failed in her job. So, remember to look at her when she’s got her cameras up.

4. Don’t Suggest Copying Other Photographers

What a wedding photographer hates the most is that when the couple asks him if he can make a picture just like they have in their hand. He has got his own style and touch, and he can work the best with that.

If you remember these tips, it’s not at all challenging to sync with your photographer and get the best pictures of your big day that you can be proud of.