4 Awesome Tips for Amazing Wedding Portraits

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Your big day is around the corner and like every other thing related to your wedding, you’re concerned about your wedding photos. Although you have hired the best photographer, you are not sure whether you, on your part, can do your job the best or not. Don’t worry, here are a few tips for posing for your wedding portraits that will make you two look awesome.

Posing is actually a form of art and needs practice together with understanding a few basics. If you know how to pose individually it can help create flattering poses for both of you.

1. Form a Connection

Unlike posing as an individual, posing as a couple is about forming a connection. As per the experts in wedding photography, adding to the number of points where you’d physically touch your partner would intensify the connection between you two inside the photographs.

In addition to create a pose that will flatter your own body type, you should also consider how you and your partner interact with each other.

2. Do an Engagement Session

To practise posing without the pressure of the big day, an engagement shooting session is a great idea. Engagement poses are almost similar to wedding day poses, barring that the pose may have to be adjusted for the formal wedding day dress.

3. Look for Inspiration

Looking for inspiration is also not a bad idea; in fact, it’s great. Look at your friend’s, sister’s or cousin’s wedding photos which are your favourite for nice poses. However, think upon the differences in body types and connection with the partners of yours and theirs.

wedding photography

4. Posing Ideas

You may think of just standing by each other for a photograph as the tradition is. However, you can create a tremendous variety by various gestures such as holding hands, touching a cheek or wrapping your arm around his back. Here are a few ideas:

  • Stand by each other but one of you facing away from the camera. You can perk it up even more by looping your arms together and the one who is facing away from the camera turning to see her/his partner or kissing her/his cheek.
  • Standing facing each other is also a classic pose having a great potential variety – stand close to each other or lean towards each other. Don’t forget to create as many points of connection as you can.

Hugging from behind, taking a walk holding each other’s hands, sitting hugging each other and so many other ideas can be used for a great posing before the camera and making your wedding portraits look amazing.

So, are you ready now for great wedding photos?