4 Beautiful Embellishment Trends in Wedding Gowns

Posted by on May 2, 2020 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

Wedding Gowns

So many trends in wedding gowns came and went, but one trend always prevailed and it’s embellishments. Whether it’s lace or sequins or beads, most wedding gowns have to have them, and they indeed make the bride look gorgeous and outstanding. Here are a few embellishment trends of 2020 you should consider while shopping your wedding dress. Don’t get discouraged by the coronavirus pandemic and feel free to shop online.

1. Flowers

2020 is the year when the old world is new again and wedding gown designers have brought back classic trends back. Floral embellishments are classic and designers have chosen lavish, oversized, three-dimensional flowers to decorate the wedding gowns but in a totally different and bold way, i.e. in the form of hand-cut flower embroideries, brocades and appliques. Creating more and more dramatic floral patterns is their main aim, because more the drama, the more beautiful the gown.

Floral embellishments

2. Ruffles

Ruffles will offer your wedding dress that frilly, super-feminine look. A ruffly skirt will add a dimension to a mermaid silhouette. A full skirt of cascading, frothy ruffles is whimsical as well as fashionable.


3. Embroidery

The classic beauty of embroidery has come alive again in wedding dress trends. When it comes to designs, there are limitless patterns and colors available. So many threads and other embellishments can be added to embroidery designs and they make the gown look rich. If you are a color-loving bride, embroidery is the way to go. You can choose head-to-toe embroidery or just a small touch here and there, and your wedding dress will make a statement. Choose a white embroidered wedding dress or a colorful one, and you are going to turn heads.

embroidered wedding dress

4. Beads

Adding beads to wedding gowns is another classic trend that has arrived again. Beads will offer your dress the special touch that will make it look unique and stunning. According to some eminent wedding dress designers, every fabric is a perfect canvas for beaded embellishments. Make sure the beads and the fabric of your wedding gown are both lightweight, especially if there are many of them. Heavy beads and fabric will make you uncomfortable on your big day. You can even add your heirloom beads to the embellishments, to make your dress sentimental in addition to beautiful.

beads on wedding gown

It’s your day and you want to look the most outstanding. Choose a wedding gown as beautiful as you can, and enjoy the big day!