4 Excellent Engagement Photography Ideas

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Engagement photography is even more interesting than actual wedding photography. It’s because there’s no pressure of wedding timelines and the photographer and wedding couple can know each other better and that helps break the ice between them, so that the future photography session on the big day becomes much smoother. Also, the photographer can play with new ideas to see how the couple would look in the photos and then if they work, they can try them on the big day to get photos that everyone would admire. Vice versa, if the couple doesn’t like the ideas or photos, they can refrain from applying them on the big day. Furthermore, the couple gets used to the camera and also, can use engagement photos everywhere, from their wedding site to wedding invites.

Photojournalism has become quite a common craze nowadays. In such a situation, it’s very important to stand out from the crowd and it’s necessary for the photographer as well as the couple to capture photos that are innovative and look beautifully different than others.

A leading Paris engagement photographer, Anastasiya, shares a few incredible engagement photography ideas that could help both the photographer and the bride to capture excellent photos.

1. Interact with Your Photographer

Before starting the engagement or wedding photo session, it’s very important to talk with your photographer so they can understand your personality and expectations. Photojuournalism is a process where everything is captured as it is. This means there is nothing fake. Obviously, you don’t need to show who you are not. For this, your photographer should know you. Or else, it may happen that your photographer may wish to apply an innovative idea which is not very nice in your opinion. But if you talk to them beforehand and understand their ideas, you may like their perspective and with your cooperation, they can capture your excellent photos.

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2. Posing Ideas

While posing for your engagement photo session, remember that you’re in love, which should reflect in your photos. Thus, in addition to capturing fun photos, you must capture some romantic photos too. Your photographer may tell you something that is above and beyond the norm. don’t hesitate to pose such as hugging each other tight. Just because your photographer is posing you, you don’t have to look stiff and bored. Also, remember that with one pose, your photographer may capture different images from different angles. And last but not the least, even if you’re posed for a shot, you should look as if you are not, i.e., you should look natural and comfortable.

Posing Ideas

Don’t forget to tell your photographer that you need some artistic photos too in addition to romantic photos. Since you’d be outdoors, you’d get a lot of beautiful backdrops. Tell the photographer to take in the scenery.

artistic photos

3. Timing Matters

Any expert Paris engagement photographer can tell you the importance of the ‘golden hour’ i.e., two hours before the sunset. This is the time when the light of the day is excellent for photography to the maximum extent. So, you should plan the timing accordingly and make sure, your photographer maintains the same.

golden hour

4. Don’t Exclude Elements

Many couples consider a bad weather day inappropriate for photography. However, the fact is that by including the elements in your photos, you can get excellent images. Capture the strong winds, gushing sea waves, raindrops, cloudy sky or scorching sun (of course, you should pose under a tree), and that will make the photos look natural and give your love story the feel you desire the most. Of course, you should choose your attire, fabrics and colors carefully to connect with the season.

cloudy sky

We hope that you’d use these tips in your engagement photo session and make the most of them and get photos that you can be proud of for the rest of your life. All the best!