4 Excellent Tips to Customize Your Engagement Ring

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Engagement Rings in Canada

Gone are the days when a person had to choose an engagement ring from the limited designs available at a retail jewelry store. These are the days of customized engagement rings! You can buy your choice of ring for your fiancé and present yourself as an ideal life partner. Confused about where to start? Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Determine the Diamond Shape

If you’ve looked keenly at engagement rings in Canada or any other country, you might have noticed that diamonds (or any other center stones on engagement rings) come in a variety of shapes from round to pear, princess and many others.

It’s best if you already know that your fiancé likes a particular shape, so, you can shortlist the diamonds in that shape. If you don’t know, don’t worry. Go ahead and ask her about her choice. Or you can just guess about what she might prefer.

If you’re not sure, then the round brilliant shape is the safest choice. still, if you’re not sure where to start, you can go through the various shapes available at an engagement ring specialist like LINARA!

Diamond Engagement Rings in Canada

2. Choose Your Style and Setting

You don’t need a trained eye to differentiate between a solitaire and a three-stone setting or between a vintage and a modern style. Think on what you’d prefer and research online and through stores. Make sure you’d opt for something that would be a good fit for the finger that will wear it.

Apart from the center stone, ring settings include side stones. Each of these offers you an opportunity to select what you want and customize your engagement ring that will show your own unique style.

Although diamonds are a traditional choice for engagement rings, they may not be the favorite of everyone. In that case, you can choose a color gemstone to make your engagement ring pop up!

Engagement Rings in Canada with color center stone

3. Select the Metal of Your Choice

Today you can make your engagement ring striking by choosing its color which is decided by the metal you choose. While gold is an all-time favorite even now, white metals like platinum and white gold are also becoming popular and many brides prefer them.

For even better visual appeal, you can also consider rose gold and two-tone (often yellow and white gold) options.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings in Canada

4. Give More Personal Touches to the Ring

You can customize your engagement ring even further by adding some personal touches like engravings such as your initials, wedding date or your favorite saying.

Go beyond the permanent design and consider keeping a scope for customization even after your wedding. As your love story grows, your ring will reflect the developments, for example, adding a small diamond or other gemstone of your choice to the ring on your 5th or 10th anniversary.

Customized Engagement Rings in Canada

Designing your own engagement ring is a far more fun process than buying a ring available at the jeweler. Enjoy the process and the happiness in your fiancé’s eyes!