4 Excellent Tips to Make the Most of Your Live Wedding Band

Posted by on Apr 27, 2019 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

Singapore wedding live band

You’ve planned to hire a live music band for your big day. That’s a good decision. The music created by actual musicians make an altogether different impact and produces a never-before atmosphere on your special day that captivates you and your guests. However, it’s necessary to have an idea of making the most of such a live band. Here are a few tips that you would like to try out.

1. Choose Music According to Events

You may choose your first-dance song and a song for the dance with your dad; but what about other events which need a lovely music on the background, e.g. for cake-cutting, bouquet toss, exit dance and so on. If you choose songs wisely as per the events, you’ll enjoy your evening thoroughly.

2. How Long will the Band Play?

Most live bands are happy to play for about 2 hours across the night. This might be 2 sets of an hour each or 3 sets of 40 minutes each. This is actually a lot of live music to make your evening. You can even ask for an extra hour for an additional fee. However, it doesn’t make any sense when the musicians are tired and finish the music half-heartedly. Only if the band is energetic, your guests feel energetic and your wedding becomes fun for everyone. If musicians are tired, the atmosphere too becomes dull. So, two hours spread across the evening is perfect entertainment for your guests with a bit of chill out time in between.

3. Match the Music with the Missed Timings

No matter how perfectly you plan each and every part of your wedding, it’s going to run out of time. At such times, your live band, like a Singapore wedding live band, will be a great help to you to provide entertainment between the missed out timings and divert your guests’ attention from their rumbling tummies.

4. Check Space Requirements

Check your venue first to see how much space is available for the band. If they only have a tiny dance floor and even tinier stage, it makes no sense in hiring an 8-piece band. Also if the venue has a huge dance floor, there’s no point in hiring a DJ who will sit in a corner of the floor. Thus, if you consider the available space and hire a live band accordingly, you’ll have a perfect atmosphere.

A live wedding band is a perfect entertainment for your wedding. But you can make the most of it with the above tips. Follow them and have a great wedding!