4 Excellent Tips to Make You Smile in Your Wedding Photos

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Are you worried about your wedding photos just because you know that you can’t smile and look happy in your photos? Well, if you believe that you aren’t photogenic and you can’t smile in your photos, forget those worries and be ready for awesome wedding photos with these ideas.

Sydney Wedding Photography Transtudios Photography and Video professionals believe that when you are relaxed, you can smile at the camera. So, it’s important to be relaxed. Let’s see what other tips they share.

1. Believe Your Photographer

If you are not comfortable with your photographer, you can’t smile in the photos. Smiling pretentiously is like not smiling at all. You should be confident about your photographer that he’ll capture good photos for you.

Of course, a professional wedding photographer will also try by herself to make you comfortable with her. You just have to cooperate with her and be responsive.

You must remember to forget all your worries while being photographed. The major worry may be of whether the photos will be good or not and you should even forget this. Be as much relaxed as possible and believe your photographer that he’ll do his job the best.

2. Remember Incidences that Make You Laugh

These may be real-life incidences or the ones that you’ve watched in a film or read in a book. It’s a good idea to jot them down whenever you remember them before your wedding and read them the night before your big day so that you can remember them just on time before the camera. The incidences should be such that they’ll bring a loud laugh on your face, a genuine, wholehearted laugh!

Sydney Wedding Photography Transtudios Photography and Video

3. Ask a Friend to Help You Laugh

Yes, even a friend who is an expert in making people laugh with techniques such as cracking jokes, making faces or doing anything laughable can help you. If you are fortunate enough to have such a friend or relative, ask her to stand beside your photographer and make her gestures, and you’ll break into a laugh.

4. Be Relaxed

Last but not the least, be at ease! If possible, learn and try some relaxation techniques pre-wedding and use them while facing the camera. It’s not necessary to laugh aloud before the camera; you can even give a gentle smile. With a relaxed mind, you can have a pleasant smile just perfect for your wedding photos.

Sydney Wedding Photography Transtudios Photography and Video

We hope these tips will help you smile and you’ll look awesome in your photos.