4 Nice Tips to Find a Perfect Flower Girl’s Dress

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Other than you, the most attractive person on your big day will perhaps be your flower girl! And it really depends on you how you make her look the cutest bridal party member by choosing the most perfect dress for her. Apart from being beautiful, the dress should also be comfortable so that your flower girl would walk down the aisle with a smiling face, without any hitch, while tossing flowers. Here are a few tips that will be helpful to you while shopping for your flower girl’s dress.

1. Choose the Fabric Carefully

As mentioned earlier, the flower girl’s dress should look beautiful but it should also be comfortable and the comfort depends largely on the fabric. Choose the fabric carefully and avoid one that’s heavy, itchy or stiff. Satin is perhaps the most comfortable fabric. Organza and chiffon are also good choices, while tulle is great as an accent fabric. You’ll have to keep in mind that the flower girl will wear the gown almost for the whole day; so, the fabric should be such that creases and rips would be minimized. Therefore fabrics like silk and cotton should be avoided as they can easily get creases. Silk can even tear easily and is quite expensive.

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2. What would be the Season?

While thinking on how comfortable the flower girl dress should be, season is also an important factor to consider. If yours will be a warm-weather wedding, the flower girl would be better off with short sleeves, whereas for a cold-weather wedding, it’s advisable to add sweaters or tights to her dress.

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3. Color and Style

While there are no rules on which style, color or fabric should be the flower girl’s dress made into, it’s preferable to choose a dress that would match your bridal gown. One of the most popular options is a white or ivory gown, because most bridal gowns are in these colors. Or you can even choose her dress that will match your bridesmaids’ dresses.

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4. Consider the Size

If you’d be ordering your flower girl’s dress much in advance, e.g. a year or so before your big day, remember that children grow very fast; hence it’s better to order one size up so that at the time your event, the dress would be a perfect fit for her.

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