4 Strong Reasons why You Should Have Fresh Ecuadorian Roses for Your Big Day

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Fresh Ecuadorian Roses for Your Big Day

One of the biggest wedding decisions is regarding which flowers to use for the wedding bouquet and decoration. If you’ve decided to have the best flowers for your big day, there is no other alternative to Ecuadorian roses.

When it comes to natural produce, even if they are produced all over the world, some of them cultivated and grown in particular regions are the best, because of the particular climatic conditions and production methods of that region. Thus, while roses are grown all over the world, Ecuadorian roses are the best. Here are a few reasons why you should choose fresh Ecuadorian roses for your wedding.

1. Largest Head Size

The bigger the bloom, the more beautiful the flower looks, right? Ecuador boasts of the biggest rose heads in the world. Ecuadorian rose heads have at least 2 inches larger diameter than that of roses grown in other countries. Even their stems can grow more than 5 feet in height. Thus, even if you use 4-5 Ecuadorian roses in your bouquet, you don’t have to use any other flower and your bouquet will look remarkably rich and beautiful.

Largest Head Size

2. Perfect Growing Conditions

Why are Ecuadorian roses so big and beautiful? The credit goes to the climate and elevation of Ecuador that are perfect for roses to thrive. Ecuador is located on the equator which means that it gets 12 hours of daylight and enjoys consistent temperatures all through the year. Normally countries on the equators are hot and full of tropical jungles. While such hot areas do occur in Ecuador, there are Andes Mountains too which offer higher altitude zones that in turn offer consistent rainfall and cool temperatures, ideal for rose cultivation.

orange tie rose

The province of Pinchincha in Ecuador is particularly famous for its big and lovely roses. Here rose farms are located in the foothills of the Andes Mountains on the height between 9,200 and 10,000 feet above sea level. Higher elevations and cool temperatures slow down the growth of roses. This means that rose plants get more time to grow their stems which leads to a long-stemmed stunning rose that can’t be found anywhere else.

long-stemmed stunning roses

3. Longest Lasting Roses

Not only are Ecuadorian roses biggest and most beautiful in the world, but also they are the longest lasting because they are the strongest and with the thickest stems too, thanks to the longer growth and development time they get from the higher elevation and cooler temperatures. Thus, your entire big day will keep scenting with these roses.

Longest Lasting Roses

4. Endless Array of Colors

Can you imagine that Ecuadorian roses come in more than 500 different colors? There are pink, white, red, lavender, orange, yellow, purple and so many other colors. Plus, there are bi-colored roses too.

bi-colored Ecuadorian roses

So, have you started looking for fresh Ecuadorian roses for your big day?