4 Superb Tips to De-stress on Your Big Day

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Every bride strives to look her best in her wedding photos. While makeup, hair, wedding dress and jewelry all play a very important role to make a bride look beautiful, it’s even more important for her to be stress-free to look good in her wedding photos.

Expert photographers think that wedding photography should be fun and also should eliminate your stress on your big day. Here are their tips for would-be brides to de-stress.

1. Allot More Time than You Think to Each Action

When it comes to a wedding, it’s a common observation that every action takes longer than the bride thinks. Take this into consideration and allow at least 15-30 minutes more for each action, including hair, makeup, ceremony, first dance, cocktail hour, reception and so on. Photographer Matt Elliott at Mornington Peninsula weddings helps in scheduling especially to keep the bride stress-free.

Allot More Time than You Think to Each Action

2. Let Your Photographer Capture Your Facial Expression

You may not even realize that your camera-shyness or stage fear is making you look down, frown, bite your lips or freeze your face. Stressed bride or groom is usually tempted to look down while walking down the aisle or during their ceremony. Photographers advise that even if you’re too worried to smile, at least look up so that they can capture your facial expression and not just the top of your head.

Let Your Photographer Capture Your Facial Expression

3. Listen to Your Photographer

Remember that no matter how carefully you plan your wedding, at least a few little things go wrong. In such a situation, trust your photographer. If s/he makes a suggestion, just follow her/him.

Listen to Your Photographer

4. Pay Attention to Light

While shopping around for your venue, remember to check how your lighting will be set up. A good idea is to visit the venue at the time of the day when you’d actually tie the knot on your big day, so that you can check how the venue lets natural light in at that time and if the venue has adequate artificial lighting arrangements.

Pay Attention to Light

Check the timing of the sunset and if you’ll be conducting an outdoor photography session, consider allowing time to your photographer for some outdoor shots before the dusk falls.

Once you find a good venue that can provide fantastic photos, a major part of your stress will be eliminated.

On the big day itself, the best idea is to enter a bubble of peace, get surrounded by all of your loved ones and just enjoy your day. All the best!