4 Wonderful Tips to Choose Wedding Flowers

Posted by on Jan 3, 2023 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

Out of all the wedding shopping, shopping for wedding flowers is perhaps the next most exciting process after the wedding dress shopping. However, although flowers are delicate and beautiful objects, their shopping is not as easy as one may think. Like everything else in wedding, buying wedding flowers also needs planning. The following tips will hopefully help brides who wonder where to start.

1. Prioritize the Bridal Bouquet

Among all the flowers, you need to choose flowers for your bridal bouquet first – because after all, it’s your day. The colors and fragrances should be of your choice. Once you choose your wedding bouquet flowers and book flowers delivery in Herzliya Israel, for example, you’ll find it easy to choose complementary colors and flowers for the rest of the bridal party.

2. Match it with Your Gown and Shape

Making sure your bouquet matches with your gown and body shape will also make sure you stand out.

3. No Overdoing

Remember, your wedding flowers should complement your look, but should not overtake your event. If your wedding gown is intensely gorgeous and ornate, you should choose a small and simple bouquet to complement the overwhelming gown and not the one that will compete for attention. Take care not to get hidden behind a big mass of flowers and colors. keeping it simple yet elegant is the key.

4. Do Some Visual Homework

Before approaching your potential florists, doing some visual homework is a good idea. Take time to understand your personal liking and choices. Would you like simple arrangements with neutral colors? Or a big thing with neon color palette would be your choice? Some florists specialise in classic designs, whereas others are famous for breaking the mold. Finding someone you align with is the key.

When in doubt, go through images. An image can speak a thousand words. This is true especially when it’s about wedding flowers. Carry your wedding décor inspiration boards with you and swatches of what your wedding party will wear and also examples of other flower arrangements of your choice. This will help cue your florist about the overall theme of your big day. However, avoid choosing exact replicas of those ideas. Also, encourage your florist to give their suggestions and be open to them. Who knows, you’ll get something totally unique and outstanding!

Flowers delivery in Israel have some great ideas you should go through. Talking to their experts will also help rid you from being clueless and take you towards painting a colorful dream!