5 Awesome Themed Wedding Dress Ideas

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themed wedding dressesIf you are planning a themed wedding, would you like to have your bridal dress traditionally plain white or ivory, or perfectly matching your wedding theme? I think you would definitely go for the latter option. By choosing a themed wedding dress you will prove to be most faithful to your wedding theme, as you are not diverting yourself even an inch with the theme! And don’t worry; your themed bridal gown will look perfectly fabulous, enhancing all your bridal glory! Refer to wedding dresses New Zealand for some fantastic wedding dress ideas. Here are some themed bridal gowns you would love to consider.

1. Victorian Wedding Dress

If you want to go traditional and give your wedding an elegant touch of classiness Victorian wedding theme is the best for you and what can be more magnificent than a Victorian wedding dress? A wedding gown of the Victorian period had a typical fitted bodice with small waist falling over the hoops. Normally Victorian wedding dresses are made with satin and lace in ivory or white color, to get a romantic and sumptuous look. Materials like organdy, lace, tulle, gauze, cashmere, linen or silk too can be used to fashion the dress.

victorian 1

victorian 2

victorian 3

2. Lace Wedding Dress

Believe it or not, you can have a lace themed wedding! Yes, a lace-themed wedding can offer you the opportunity to wear the most fascinating wedding dress, in addition to having lace tabletops, lace shoes, lace chocolate wrappers, lace plates, lace jars, lace cake, lace nails, lace chair backs, and what not! Add the touch of intricacy and delicateness to your wedding with a lace theme!

lace 1

lace 2

lace 3

3. Butterfly Themed Wedding Dress

I am sure you love butterflies. You can show this love towards Nature in your wedding with a butterfly theme. And for a butterfly-themed wedding you will need a beautiful wedding dress matching the theme. Become a butterfly bride with this gown. If you think that it will be a bit overly to have your entire wedding gown with a design as that on the wings of a butterfly, you can also choose to have your traditional white or ivory dress with a subtle hint of beautiful butterflies on the laces, or even in your earrings, shoes, headbands or ribbons!

butterfly-wedding-dress 1

butterfly-wedding-dress 2

butterfly-wedding-dress 3

4. Light-up Wedding Dress

You should sparkle on your big day! And what can be more brilliant than actual light? Involve warm white LEDs in your wedding dress which will twinkle like candles in your dress’s skirt. The lights will replicate the candlelight effect with the gold-colored tint of the LEDs in a random, softly flickering pattern. You can have the entire skirt enlightened or only have a lit up border!


canglelight 2

canglelight 3

5. Halloween Themed Wedding Dress

If you have planned for a Halloween themed wedding, your bridal gown need not be horrific. On the contrary you can have the most gorgeous wedding gown with shades like black, orange and purple in your gown on the corset, train, sleeves and lace of your gown and look ravishing.

halloween dress 1

halloween dress 2

halloween dress 3

And you can choose to have amongst many more themed wedding dresses, to have the most colorful day of your life just as you wished!