5 Best Ways To Entertain Kids At A Wedding

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kids bored at a weddingWedding in Long Beach is a great idea. It would be a highly exciting event, for the wedding couple and all the adults in the wedding party with the fabulous waterfront of Long Beach and its other great sites. But what about kids? Only some kids get chance to be the center of attraction by becoming a flower girl, but others are extremely bored with all the happenings going on in the wedding, though they are a lot meaningful for us. If you are planning a wedding in Long Beach, you should also consider keeping the kids well-amused at your wedding. You will get numerous options, like a jumper rental in Long Beach. Here are 5 great ways of kids’ entertainment on your big day!

1. Hire a DJ

Hiring a DJ or Disc Jockey is a fun way to keep kids entertained and engaged at a wedding. Normally, DJs are invited on adults’ parties and kids have to listen to the songs that are popular amongst adults. But when a special DJ is hired just for them, they are happy a lot. They can dance to their heart’s content, shout, sing along with the songs, and spend a real fun time. Thus if you hire a DJ on your wedding, only for the purpose of entertainments of kids, you will become popular among the young ones. What’s more , you can also amuse adults through DJ entertainment. Thus kids and adults will equally like the entertainment program and will remember your wedding forever.

dj for kids at wedding

2. Hire a Clown

Kids love to laugh aloud! Therefore funny creatures, like monkeys and clowns are their favorite. A clown can keep the kids at a wedding engaged for hours, while you walk the aisle!clown

3. Hire a Jumper Rental Company

Hiring a jumper rental company is a greatest idea to amuse kids attending your wedding. The company has various fun games which kids love. And the jumper is health-giving too! Surprised? But it’s true! You burn up to 700 calories after jumping for an hour in the jumper. Thus you offer a healthy entertainment for the kids. Plus, jumper rental company has various other games like bounce house, water slide, bounce castle, moonwalk and many more, through which the kids are entertained in a healthy way.

Bounce House Injuries

4. Have Games for the Kids

You can arrange various games for the kids. Games and activities like treasure hunt, freeze dance, puzzles, creating murals, obstacle course race, and many others can be arranged to keep kids engaged at the wedding. Playing games with stranger kids will find them new friends for which they will remember your wedding forever.


5. Hire a Good Onsite Baby Sitter

There are baby sitters available for taking care of kids at a wedding or other such occasions. You can hire one of them and be tension-free.

hire a baby sitter


As this concerns kids, you should take utmost care while hiring these different professionals. Check their reliability and past records thoroughly. Enquire about them with your friends and relatives and preferably demand authentic credentials. And then only hire them for entertaining kids at your wedding, so that you can tie the knot in a more relaxed atmosphere.